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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available in any size of denomination. 
We can mail or e-mail you a certificate, or send it directly to the recipient.  You can order via our on line secure order form, phone, mail or fax, paying by check, money order or Visa or MasterCard.  If ordering on line or by fax or mail, just write "gift certificate" into the "Instrument" line, and indicate the amount, and to whom we should send it in the "ship to" line.  Include any personal message for the recipient on other blank lines in the order form.
Complete order information is below, and secure order link is at:
Order Page

We at Sunreed strive to provide you with quality instruments and service.  Yet, we also understand the difficulties and confusion that can arise in attempting to select the best instrument choices for others, especially for those of us with little musical background.  While we are more than happy to consult with you over your musical choices, and advise you with our many years of experience in making and selling instruments, we would be happy to send you or your gift recipient a gift certificate in any denomination, to insure they receive the gift they truly want.  Keep in mind we can ship your instrument choice anywhere in the world to your gift recipient.  But, if you prefer a gift certificate, we are more than happy to provide one for you.


Detailed Gift Certificate Order Information:

If you would like a gift certificate sent to you, or to another individual, just follow these simple instructions.

1)  You may call us, and we will take all necessary information.

2)  You may order a gift certificate by our other normal ordering services, either by mail, fax, or on our secure on line server, now, or at a later time.   Order Page

If you choose either of these latter methods, you may go to our order pages by following the link below.  Please read this information first:

If you want to pay by credit card via our secure on line server, follow the link to the secure on line order form.  (Or, you may print out these instructions to help you through the process.)  If you want to submit by fax or mail order, you may fill out and then print out the regular order form, then fax or mail it to us.  Simply fill in your name and address in the main address spaces.  Fill in the name and the address of the gift recipient in the "ship to" spaces.  (If you want the certificate sent to you, just fill in the recipient's name, and leave their address blank, and it will be forwarded to you.)  Fill in "gift certificate" in the first blank "instrument" space on the order form, and the amount of dollars for which you wish the certificate to be made out, in that price column.   Then fill out the payment (credit card/money order, etc.) information.  If you are mailing the information, you may send a check, money order, or bank draft, or fill out and sign the credit information.  If you are paying by credit card, you may also call, fax, or submit the information via our secure on line order form.  Make sure you have gone to our secure server page (link below) to fill out all information, or it will not submit to us.  If you wish to include a personal greeting or message, just indicate "message" on any of the blank lines in the order form, and type your message.  We will relay it onto the certificate.

Once we have received your certificate information, we will notify you, and send your gift certificate within 24 hours by first class mail.  Or, if you prefer, we can fax or e-mail the certificate to the recipient.  Be sure to indicate your preferred method of delivery, and include your e-mail address for us.  Also include the fax or e-mail address you wish it to be sent to, if this is your delivery method of choice.  We will send you a copy of the information if it is going to another address.  If you choose us to e-mail the certificate, please specify if you wish the certificate to be sent in a plain (e-mail) text format, or in a Microsoft Word doc. format.  (The recipient will need Microsoft Word to open this.)  Either way, it will have a code that validates that certificate.

International faxes cost $5.
We can overnight a certificate within the U.S. for basic overnight charges, $15.00-$45.00.  Indicate this on your form, and include these charges as shipping fees.  We can Express Mail certificates internationally for those basic charges as well (ask us for charge by country.)
Certificates are valid for one year from date of issuance.

Please let us know if we can help in any way with this information.  Thank you, and, Happy Gift Giving.....remember, music is a celebration of the spirit.  And, music enlivens and enriches the soul.

                          Zacciah Blackburn
                                     Owner, Sunreed Instruments

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Zacciah Blackburn
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Phone:   (802)674.9585
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