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Sunreed Instruments is happy to offer you quality musical instruments from around the world.  Whether it is sitars, djembe, bhodrans, harps, or bagpipes, you will find instruments of many cultures listed on these pages.

We have recently added a new line of Chinese Instruments, including the Erhu, Pipa, Yue Qin, and Gu Zheng.

We also have available modern classical band and concert instruments,  such as our Winston and Adam band instruments, the full line of Remo drums and accessories, Native American frame drums, Sicilian Launneddas, and much, much more.  For drums, refer to Drums page for correct pricing first and additional photos. 

All items are subject to price changes, without notice (This is beyond our control, though most prices remaing fairly stable...We will contact you if any item you order has a higher price, before billing or shipping.)  Contact us  for shipping costs.  Many items such as harps and sitars may be oversize, and we will need your postal code to offer correct shipping information.

At this time, some prices have changed.  Ask us or look here for current prices for World Instruments
(Updated 12/03.)
Look here for our current line of Celtic, European, and Middle Eastern HARPS

We hope to offer more links, photos, and instruments of our wide assortment of world musical instruments in the near future. 
Please contact us for more information on any instrument you do not currently see listed.

Until further notice, please use this pricing guide for additional discounts on selections on this World Instruments page only:

For all orders under $100, priced as listed.
For all orders over $100, deduct 6%.
For all orders over $200, deduct 10%.
For all orders over $300, deduct 15%.

We are currently requesting a minimum $20 order from this page.  Not all items are always available. 

Feel free to contact us with your other questions.

Listing of instruments:
You will find most linked for your easy navigation;  all will be linked in future:

     Accordians & Lutes, Balalaikas, Bouzoukis, Ocarinas, Bell Trees, & Tupans.
     Chinese Gongs, chau gongs & wind gongs, Burmese gongs.
     Doumbeks Ceramic, Metal, & Rosewood.
     Frame Drums, Bodhrans, Deffs, Pandeiros, & Tambourines.
     Percussion of Africa:   Djembes, Ashikos, Slit log drums, Shakeres, & Djun-Djuns.
     Harps Celtic.
     Instruments of India Sitars, Harmoniums, Sur Bahars, Sarods, Dilrubas, Tambouras,Veenas,
      Tablas, Mirdangams, Ghatams, Dholaks, Hudaks, Naals
     Singing Bowls, Shruti Boxes, Tibetan Gongs, Hunting & Conch Horns.
     BagpipesHighland Bagpipes, Uilleann bagpipes, Medieval Smallpipes & Mediterranean
     Bagpipes (Greek or Arabic).
     Practice Chanters, Books, Tapes
     Cane Flutes, Whistles--6 hole
     Miscellany, Talking drums, Didjeridoos, Ouds, Mizmars, Agogos, Rain Sticks & Etc.
     Finger Cymbals
     Goatskin, Calfskin, Fishskin Heads

               Some pictures are availableon request.

(See correct current prices many doumbek, African and Frame drums on DRUMS page
        on Chinese gongs, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, temple bells, and Tibetan Singing bowls on BOWLS page)

CODE                                                       PRICE

CDFG  Finger ceramic doumbek, 5" x 8", goatskin head (P)  $ 24.00

DBAL   Finger aluminum doumbek, 5"x8", goatskin head (P)    24.00

CDMG  Mini ceramic doumbek, 8"x10", goatskin head (P)       50.00

CDBP  Baby ceramic doumbek, 8"x14"                        110.00

CDNP  Narrow neck ceramic doumbek, 9"x15"   (P)             110.00

CDWP  Wide neck ceramic doumbek, 9"x16"                    110.00

CDNA  Narrow neck ceramic doumbek, Pharaonic Art           169.00

CDWA  Wide neck ceramic doumbek, Pharaonic Art            179.00

ZARB  Zarb, wood doumbek, 10"x17", with case   (P)         190.00

ZARS  Zarb, wood doumbek, 10"x 17", no case      (P)         150.00

WDFS  Rosewood doumbek, 10"x15", tunable fishtone (P)      150.00

WDGT  Rosewood doumbek, 10"x15", tunable goatskin (P)      150.00

WDB2  Rosewood doumbek, 12"x18", tunable fishtone (P)      196.00

CGBP  Baby ceramic doumbek, goatskin head                   110.00

CGNP  Narrow neck ceramic doumbek, goatskin head            110.00

CGWP  Wide neck ceramic doumbek, goatskin head              110.00

CGNA  Nar. neck cer. Art doumbek, goatskin head            140.00

CGWA  Wide neck cer. Art doumbek, goatskin head            140.00

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CDFB  Baby ceramic doumbek, fishskin head                  110.00

CDFN  Narrow neck ceramic doumbek, fishskin head           120.00

CDFW  Wide neck ceramic doumbek, fishskin head             120.00

CFNA  Nar. neck cer. doumbek, Phar. Art, fishskin head     180.00

CFWA  Wide neck cer. doumbek, Phar. Art, fishskin head     180.00

NCCD - Doumbek Case, Padded Nylon  Black with back pack straps for carrying. Heavily padded with a zippered top and large pocket on the front for carrying all your accessories. Approx. 14 1/2" W x 19 1/2" H                  65.00

CH14  Fiber carrying case, 14" x 20"                        40.00

CDRH  Ceramic doumbek re-heading, fishtone or goatskin      25.00

CDFH  Ceramic doumbek re-heading, fishskin                  40.00

Fishtone  heads are standard on all Doumbeks.

Colors: Blue, Green, Brown,Rust, Black, White, Streaked white.

MD08  8"x14" doumbek, tunable, nickeled brass    (P)        80.00

M08J  8"x14" doumbek, tunable, with jingles      (P)        90.00

MD10  10"x15" doumbek, tunable, nickeled brass   (P)        90.00

M10J  10"x15" doumbek, tunable, with jingles     (P)       100.00

M12J  12"x18" doumbek, tunable, jingles, nickeled brass(P) 150.00

M12T  12"x20" doumbek, tun., no jingles, nickeled brass(P) 150.00

MG08  8"x14" brass doumbek, fixed head, gold color (P)      80.00

MG10  10"x15 brass doumbek, fixed head, gold color  (P)     90.00

MG12  12"x20" brass doumbek, fixed head, gold color  (P)   150.00

SH08  8" spare head for metal doumbek, tunable     $ 14.00

SH10  10" spare head for metal doumbek, tunable      16.00

SH12  12" spare head for metal doumbek, tunable      18.00

FX08  8" spare fixed head                            16.00

FX10  10" spare fixed head                           20.00

FX12  12" spare fixed head                           24.00

NC10 - Nylon Case for 10" Doumbek  Quilted nylon case with zipper closure and carrying handle, for storage and transport. Measurements: top diameter 11", bottom diameter 6", height 16.5". Measurements can vary slightly.   (P)   24.00

NCDE - Doumbek Soft, Egyptian Style case  This is a great gig-bag to carry and store you favorite doumbek. Inside it is 17 inches tall, with a base diameter of 7.5 inches and a top diameter of 11 inches. They are nylon outside with a soft cloth lining. The lid has a separate zipper pocket to carry a spare head. It has two adjustable shoulder straps and a single hand grip.  (P)   24.00

NC12 - Nylon Case, for 12"x20" Drum  Quilted nylon case with zipper closure and carrying handle, for storage and transport. Measurements: top diameter 13", bottom diameter 7", height 21". Measurements can vary slightly.  (P)   34.00

VIDE         VIDEO instruction   "Percussion Of The World"

 Doumbek, Tambourine, Tar, Muzhar,Tabla,Bodhran, Pandeiro, Tupan  $20.00

CSDR  Doumbek instruction cassette by Billy & David               $10

CDDR  Doumbek instruction CD by Billy & David                     $17.00

LDTB  Doumbek Tutor book, 50 rhythms                                      $ 6.00

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DEFF  Deff, 11", inlaid frame, goatskin, no cymbals      $ 36.00

DEF2  Deff, 12 1/2", inlaid frame, goatskin, no cymbals    40.00

DEF4  Deff, 14", inlaid frame, goatskin, no cymbals        50.00

TAM7  Tambourine, 7" featherweight, fixed goatskin    (P)  10.00

TAM1  Tambourine, 10" featherweight, fixed, goatskin  (P)  12.00

TAMS  Tambourine, 6" rosewood, tunable goatskin       (P)  20.00

TAMB  Tambourine, 8 1/2", Arabic style, tunable goatskin(P)32.00

TAMH  Tambourine, 8 1/2", Arabic style, fixed goatskin (P) 24.00

TAMX  Tambourine, 8 1/2", Arabic style, headless     (P)   20.00

TAMF  Tambourine, 8 1/2", Egyptian, inlaid, goatskin  (P)  36.00

TAML  Tambourine, 10" rosewood, tunable goatskin     (P)   36.00

TAMG  Tambourine, 10" rosewood, fixed goatskin       (P)   28.00

TAMY  Tambourine, 10" rosewood, headless             (P)   24.00

PAND  Pandeiro, 13" rosewood, tunable goatskin       (P)   40.00

PAN1  Pandeiro, 10" rosewood, tunable goatskin       (P)   36.00

DEFD  Muzhar, 15", (Deff) rosewood, tunable goatskin  (P) 100.00

FD10  Frame drum (Shaman) 10"x2", goatskin, w/beater  (P)  25.00

FD14  Frame drum (Shaman) 14"x2", goatskin, w/ beater (P)  38.00

FDJ4  Frame drum as above with jingles, w/ beater     (P)  42.00

FD18  Frame drum (Shaman) 18"x2", goatskin, w/ beater (P)  45.00

FDJ8  Frame drum as above with jingles, w/ beater     (P)  50.00

FD22  Frame drum (Shaman) 22"x2", goatskin, w/ beater (P)  55.00

FDJ2  Frame drum as above with jingles, w/ beater     (P)  62.00

RD14  Rain drum, 14" x 2", goatskin heads             (P)  45.00

RD18  Rain drum, 18" x 2", goatskin heads             (P)  55.00

BEAT  Leather beater, spare                    (P)          6.00

SPNB  Spoons & beater, rosewood, French style      (P)     12.00

BTG4  Bodhran, 14", tacked goatskin, rosewood       (P)    40.00

BTGS  Bodhran, 14", tunable goatskin, rosewood      (P)    50.00

BTGT  Bodhran, 18", tacked goatskin head, rosewood   (P)   56.00

BTGR  Bodhran, 18", tunable goatskin, rosewood      (P)    80.00

BTWR  Bodhran, 18", tunable modified Fiberskyn, rosewood(P)90.00

BTGL  Bodhran, 26", tunable goatskin, rosewood      (P)   120.00

BCLP  Bodhran tunable clamps, spare                 (P)     2.00

BSSB  Separate slim beater                 (P)     $ 2.00

BSKB  Separate knob beater                  (P)      4.00

BSDB  Separate 3 knob deluxe beater         (P)      6.00

SH18G 18" spare bodhran goatskin head       (P)     20.00

SH18F 18" spare bodhran fiberskyn head              24.00

LBRB  Power Bodhran Techniques, book by Robin Smith  8.00

CC14  Canvas case for 14" bodhran             (P)   16.00

NC14  Nylon padded quilt case for 14" bodhran  (P)  24.00

NC18  Nylon padded quilt case for 18" bodhran   (P) 30.00

NC26  Nylon padded quilt case for 26" bodhran  (P)  40.00

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DJMB  Djembe, 14"x24",  rosewood, engraved          (P)   $ 280.00

DJMM  Djembe, 12"x22",  rosewood, engraved          (P)     240.00

DJB2  Djembe, 12"x22",  rosewood, bolt tuned        (P)     240.00

DJMS  Djembe, 10"x20",  rosewood, engraved          (P)     190.00

DJSM  Djembe, shell & rings, 12"x22" rosewood       (P)     190.00

DJSL  Djembe, shell & rings, 14"x24" rosewood       (P)     220.00

DJC4  Djembe, nylon carrying case, 15"x25"          (P)      40.00

NC12  Djembe, nylon carrying case, 12"x20"          (P)      30.00

ASKL  Ashiko, 14"x27",  rosewood, engraved          (P)     280.00

ASKM  Ashiko, 12"x24",  rosewood, engraved          (P)     220.00

AKB2  Ashiko, 12"x24",  rosewood, bolt tuned        (P)     220.00

AKSM  Ashiko, shell & rings, 12'x24" rosewood       (P)     150.00

AKSL  Ashiko, shell & rings, 14"x27"rosewood        (P)     200.00

SHBG  12" African premounted goatskin head          (P)      32.00

SHB2  12" Remo African drum head                             32.00

NCA2  Nylon case for 12" African drum               (P)      36.00

NCA4  14" Ashiko carrying case                      (P)      40.00

DJM3  Djembe, 13" x 24" mango wood                          210.00

ASKS  Ashiko, 9"x20",  rosewood, engraved           (P)     130.00

ASKB  Ashiko, baby, 8"x15", fixed tacked head                60.00

ASML  Ashiko, large, 14"x24", mango wood                    190.00

ASMM  Ashiko, medium, 12"x22", solid mango wood             150.00

ASMS  Ashiko, small, 9"x20", solid mango wood               110.00

BONG  Bongos, 6 1/2" x 8" heads, engraved rosewood, tun (P) 120.00

LOGD  Slit log drum, 7" x 20", rosewood, 3 tones      (P)    80.00

ST14  Standing drum, 14"x40", rosewood               (P)    350.00

NCS4  Nylon case, 14"x40"                          (P)       76.00

ST18  Standing drum, 18"x40", rosewood             (P)      440.00

DJN1  Djun-Djun 11"x20", rosewood                  (P)      240.00

DJN6  Djun-Djun 16"x29", rosewood                  (P)      380.00

SHKS  Shakere, small                                         24.00

SHKM  Shakere, medium                                        40.00

SHKL  Shakere, large                                         60.00

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(See Harps page for most current listings and prices) 

HPBY  Baby  harp, 21", 12 nylon strings             (P)  $ 100.00

HPXP  Pixie harp, 31", 19 nylon strings, rosewood   (P)    239.00

HPXA  Pixie harp, 31", 19 nylon strings, full levers  (P)  269.00

HPXC  Pixie harp wooden carrying case             (P)       84.00

HPNC  Pixie nylon padded quilt carrying case       (P)      48.00

HPXS  Pixie nylon string set                       (P)      12.00

LVER  Spare sharpening lever, single lift post, all harps(P) 3.50

HTHA  Heather harp, 36", 22 strings,  full levers     (P)  359.00

HTHS  Heather nylon string set                      (P)     16.00

HTNC  Heather nylon padded quilt carrying case      (P)     55.00

HMNA  Minstrel harp, 38", 29 strings, full levers    (P)   519.00

HMNC  Minstrel nylon padded quilt carrying case      (P)    56.00

HMNS  Minstrel nylon string set                      (P)    18.00

HMGA  Meghan harp, 52", 36 strgs & full levers, rose. (P) 1350.00

HMGS  Meghan nylon string set                       (P)     45.00

HMGC  Meghan nylon case                            (P)      84.00

HLRP  Lyre harp, 25", 16 metal strings, with  case   (P)   229.00

LUTH  Lute harp, 22  nylon strings and nylon case      (P)   229.00

PSAL  Psaltery, bowed,  32 strings                   (P)   189.00

Harps have decorated rosewood frames & mahogany plywood soundboards. We offer a one-year warranty on the
frame and soundboard.

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STRT  Sitar, toy , 22"                            (I)       $ 50.00

STRM  Sitar, mini, 2/3 size, playable, with case    (I)      240.00

STRS  Sitar, std decorations, double toomba, with case  (I)  390.00

STRD  Sitar, deluxe decorations, double toomba, with case (I)640.00

STRL  Sitar, deluxe, left handed, double toomba, with case(I)640.00

STRP  Sitar, professional, double toomba, with case    (I)   720.00

STRF  Sitar, fancy professional, double toomba, w/case  (I)  780.00

STRC  Sitar  case                                 (I)        120.00

SURB  Sur Bahar, (bass sitar )(ship motor freight)   (I)     800.00

SRST  Sur Bahar string set          (I)        $ 10.00

STST  Sitar string set              (I)          10.00

STMB  Sitar main bridge             (I)          20.00

STSB  Sitar sympathic bridge        (I)          10.00

MIZB  Mizrab, picks                 (I)           0.50

LSTR  Introduction to Sitar, by Rao              14.00

LIST  Play On Sitar, instruction & music (I)      8.00

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TMSM Tambura, 4' size, male, deluxe, with case, 4 stgs (I)$ 390.00

TMBF  Tambura, female, decorated, with case         (I)      320.00

TMFB  Tambura, flat back, 11"x38"                   (I)      260.00

TMTN  Tambura, tenor                                (I)      300.00

ELTM  Tambura, electronic                           (I)      240.00

STTM  Tambura male string set                       (I)       10.00

STTF  Tambura female string set                     (I)       10.00

VEND  Veena, deluxe, with case                  (I)          800.00

STVN  Veena string set                         (I)           10.00

RUDV  Rudra Veena                               (I)         1000.00

VCTV  Vitchitra Veena                           (I)         1000.00

LIVE  Play On Veena, Pankaj, instruction & music  (I)          8.00

SRGI  Sarangi                                (I)             400.00

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HM6S Harmonium, standard, fixed keyboard          (I)       390.00

HMDC  Harmonium, deluxe, fixed keyboard            (I)       420.00

HMMC  Harmonium, deluxe, mech coupler             (I)        420.00

HMCP  Harmonium, compact,                         (I)        150.00

HMTS  Harmonium, traveller, standard              (I)        320.00

HMST  Harmonium, slim traveller, no stops         (I)        320.00

HMTD  Harmonium, traveller, deluxe                (I)        480.00

HMSD  Harmonium, deluxe, scale changer, folding     (I)      900.00

HMSC  Harmonium, deluxe, scale changer, fixed frame  (I)     900.00

LIHR  Play On Harmonium, Pankaj, instruction & music   (I)     8.00

DLBA  Dilruba, with case                       (I)           360.00

DLBS  Dilruba strings                          (I)            10.00

ISRJ  Israj, with case                         (I)           360.00

SARD  Sarod, with case                         (I)           550.00

SARS  Sarod strings                            (I)            10.00

SNTR  Santoor, India, 16 + 15 courses, with case   (I)       480.00

SWAR  Swar Mandal                               (I)          200.00

SWAD  Swar Mandal, deluxe                       (I)          300.00

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TBSS Tabla set, strap tuning,  alum. bayan, with case  (I)  190.00

TBSD  Tabla set, deluxe, strap tuning, brass bayan, w/case(I)250.00

TBBD  Tabla set, bolt  nut tuning, brass bayan, w/case  (I)  260.00

TBSP  Tabla set, strap, professional, with case        (I)   350.00

TBSG  Tabla set, strap, engraved brass color, with case (I)  350.oo

CH14  Tabla carrying case, cylinder fiberboard                40.00

TBCC  Tabla carrying case, side by side, fiberglass   (I)    120.00

TBDY  Tabla, right drum only (dayan)                (I)      100.00

ELTB  Tabla, electronic                             (I)      380.00

HARA  Lehara machine,electronic                     (I)      480.00

TBCH  Tabla cushion, each                           (I)        8.00

TBHD  Tabla head, dayan, right wood drum head       (I)       20.00

TBHB  Tabla head, bayan, left metal drum head       (I)       20.00

 State size on all heads as edge-to-edge of the top of the drum shell.

HAMR  Tabla hammer, tuning, brass                 (I)         12.00

LTB2  Tabla tutor books, pair                     (I)         12.00

TBLC  Tabla lacing, 11 meters                     (I)       $ 10.00

TBRH  Rehead, bayan, dayan, or mirdang                        40.00

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MIRF Mirdang, cord and block tension, full size     (I)     180.00

MIRH  Mirdang head, state size                      (I)       20.00

KHOL  Khol drum                                     (I)      200.00

GONG  Gong, 12", 9lbs bronze                       (I)        90.00

GON8  Gong, 8" , 2 1/2lbs bronze                   (I)        40.00
 See additional listings on Chinese gongs, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, temple bells, and Tibetan Singing bowls on BOWLS page

MTKA  Matka, jug drum 13"x12"                      (I)        60.00

GHTM  Ghatam, jug drum 12"x14"                     (I)        80.00

JUGD  Jug drum, two holes, 12" x 12"               (I)        60.00

DHSM  Dholak, cord and ring tension,          (I)  $ 70.00

DHDX  Dholak, deluxe, cord and ring tension   (I)    80.00

DHNB  Dholak, nut and bolt tension            (I)    80.00

HUDK  Hudak Talking Drum                      (I)    60.00

HUDX  Hudak Deluxe Talking Drum               (I)    80.00

HUDB  Hudak, brass, 9"x9"                     (I)    60.00

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NAAL Naal, bolt tension                      (I)    80.00

NALX  Naal, deluxe, bolt tension              (I)   120.00

NALC  Naal, deluxe, cord tension              (I)   100.00

MADL  Madal, cord tension                     (I)    60.00

TAVL  Taval drum                              (I)   240.00

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TASH  Tasha copper kettledrum                 (I)   120.00

DHOL  Dhol, 14"x 23"                          (I)   280.00

NGAH  Ngah, 7"x15", with 10" handle           (I)   140.00
See correct current prices on Chinese gongs, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, temple bells, and Tibetan Singing bowls on BOWLS page 

TMPL  Temple bells (bell tarang), set of 4    (I)    80.00

SG05 Singing bowl, 5 inches                  (I)    90.00

SG06  Singing bowl, 6 inches                  (I)   120.00

SG65  Singing bowl, 6 1/2 inches              (I)   140.00

SG07  Singing bowl, 7 inches                  (I)   160.00

SG08  Singing bowl, 8 inches                  (I)   200.00

BANJ  Banjo (keyboard dulcimer) 23" long      (I)    50.00

BANL  Banjo, 36" long                         (I)    60.00

EKTS  Ektara, soprano, 5"x23", 1 string       (I)    24.00

EKTT  Ektara, tenor, 6"x30", 1 string         (I)    36.00

EKTB  Ektara, bass, 8"x44", 2 strings         (I)    50.00

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SHRT Shruti box, 4 tones, 3 variations each  (I)   150.00

ELSH  Electronic shruti box, 3 tones          (I)   150.00

BEAP  Snake charmer, plain, sealed reed       (I)    24.00

BEAN  Snake charmer (bean), engraved          (P)    50.00

KRTL  Khartals, pair, cymbal sets             (I)    14.00

KABA  Kabbas, beaded coconut, twisting        (I)    18.00

KABM  Kabbas, wood wheel & steel beads        (I)    24.00

MARC  Maracas, large                          (I)    20.00

MARF  Maracas, fruit                                 10.00

CHCK  Chick shake eggs, pair                  (I)     4.00

CKHD  Chick shake eggs on a handle            (I)     6.00

TONG  Tong, 2 ball clapper                    (I)     2.00

TITK  Tic Tok clapper                         (I)    12.00

ELPB  Elephant bells                          (I)    40.00

CAMB  Camel bells  (set of 3)                 (I)    20.00

RHTM  Rhythm  sticks, pair                    (I)     8.00

STIR  Stir drum                               (I)    24.00

HUNT  Hunting Horn                            (I)    60.00

CNCH  Conch Horn                                     16.00

SHEN  Shehnai, deluxe                         (I)    40.00

SHNR  Shehnai reed, extra                     (I)     4.00

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KANJ  Khanjira, 7" lizardskin tambourine,

      with 1 cymbal                           (I)    30.00

GOPT  Gopichand, tenor                        (I)    30.00

GOPB  Gopichand, bass                         (I)    40.00

CHMT  Chimtas, jingles on a metal stick       (I)    36.00

ANKL  Ankle bells, ghungroos, 3 rows of bells  (I)   16.00

ANK5 Ankle bells, 50 on a string              (I)   20.00

ANK1  Ankle bells, 100 on a string             (I)   30.00

ANKS  Ankle bells, 25 on a string              (I)   12.00

ANCS  Ankle clam bells, 25 on a string         (I)   16.00

ANC5  Ankle clam bells, 50 on a string         (I)   24.00

CLBL  Clam bell, 3/4" x 1", nickeled brass     (I)     .50

DAMR  Damroos ( Monkey talking drum )          (I)   10.00

DAMX  Damroos, deluxe (Monkey talking drum)    (I)   14.00

MAJ5  Manjeras, 5CM, cymbals on a cord, pair   (I)    8.00

MAJ6  Manjeras, 6CM, cymbals on a cord, pair   (I)   10.00

MAJ8  Manjeras, 8CM, cymbals on a cord, pair   (I)   12.00

MAJ4  Manjeras, 3 inches, pair on a cord       (I)   16.00

TAL1  Talams, 11CM                          (I)      20.00

TAL2  Talams, 12CM                          (I)      24.00

TAL5  Talams, 15CM                          (I)      30.00

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                  Music is learned on the practice chanter (see below), not on the bagpipe.

             BGCA  Bagpipe, challis, antique design, miniature, rosewd (P)$ 190.00

             BGCB  Bagpipe, challis, antique design, halfsize, rosewood (P) 220.00

             BGCC  Bagpipe, challis, antique design, fullsize, rosewood (P) 280.00

             BAGA  Bagpipe, miniature, cocus wood, accessories       (P)    170.00

             BAGB  Bagpipe, halfsize, eng. trim, cocus, accessories  (P)    220.00

              BAGC  Bagpipe, fullsize, natural rosewood, accessories  (P)   230.00

             BAGD  Bagpipe, fullsize, black rosewood, accessories    (P)    230.00

             BAGE  Bagpipe, fullsize, eng. trim, rosewood, accessories  (P) 280.00

             BAGF  Bagpipe, fullsize, eng. trim, cocus, accessories    (P)  340.00

              BAGK  Bagpipe, fullsize, eng. trim, blackwood, accessories (P) 640.00

             BAGV  Toy Bagpipe, functional chanter with plastic bag    (P)   28.00

             BGSP  Medieval smallpipes, two drone, key of "G"          (P)  190.00

              BAGP  Medieval bagpipe, two drone, key of F, accessories  (P)  230.00

             BGMP  Mediterranean bagpipes, twin chanter, Greek or Arabic(P)  180.00

              UIRD Uilleann bagpipes, full set, "D", rosewood, with case   1600.00

             UIRS  Uilleann starter set, rosewood, with case                500.00

              UIRN Uilleann 3 drone set, rosewood                           400.00

              UIRR Uilleann 3 regulator set, rosewood                       800.00

              UILD Uilleann bagpipes, full set, "D", blackwood, with case. 2400.00

              UILS Uilleann starter set, blackwood, with case.              700.00

              UILN Uilleann 3 drone set, blackwood.                         550.00

              UILR Uilleann 3 regulator set. blackwood                     1450.00

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             BAGL  Practice chanter, rosewood, engraved nickel       (P)   $ 24.00

             BAGW  Long practice chanter, rosewood, no sole          (P)     36.00

             BAGM  Practice chanter, cocus, engraved nickel          (P)     30.00

             BAGN  Long practice chanter, cocus, im. ivory sole      (P)     44.00

             BAGO  Practice chanter, blackwood, engraved nickel      (P)    100.00

              BAGU  Long practice chanter, blackwood, engraved nickel,(P)    120.00

                         All practice chanters come with a tested reed.

             LRSB  Learn to Play the Bagpipe, book, R. T. Shepherd         $ 10.00

              LRST  Learn to Play the Bagpipe, tape, R. T. Shepherd           10.00

                                     BAGPIPE ACCESSORIES

                        BACQ  Reeds, practice chanter, plastic $ 3.00 (P)

                        BAPQ  Reeds, pipe chanter                3.00 (P)

                        BABQ  Reeds, bass drone                  3.00 (P)

                        BATQ  Reeds, tenor drone                 3.00 (P)

                        BAGR  Replacement fullsize bag          50.00 (P)

                        BAGH  Hemp bowl                          0.50 (P)

                        BAGS  Seasoning, 8 ounce                 6.00 (P)

                        BAGZ  Seasoning, gallon                 50.00 (P)

                        BAGT  Bagpipe carrying case             60.00 (P)

              BAGX  Replacement pipe chanter, rosewood or cocus      (P)    50.00

               BAGY  Replacement pipe chanter,  blackwood             (P)    80.00

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                              FLCD  Flute, cane, "D"     $ 8.00(I)

                              FLCC  Flute, cane, "C"       8.00(I)

                              FLCA  Flute, cane, "A"       8.00(I)

                              FLCB  Flute, cane,"B"        8.00(I)

                              FLCG  Flute, cane, "G"       8.00(I)

                              FLFF  Flute, cane, "FF"      8.00(I)

                              FLEE  Flute, cane, "EE"      8.00(I)

                              FLDD  Flute, cane, "DD"      8.00(I)

                              WHCD  Whistle, cane, "D"     8.00(I)

                              WHCC  Whistle, cane, "C"     8.00(I)

                              WHCB  Whistle, cane, "B"     8.00(I)

                              WHCA  Whistle, cane, "A"     8.00(I)

                              WHCG  Whistle, cane, "G"     8.00(I)

                              WHFF  Whistle, cane, "FF"    8.00(I)

                              WHEE  Whistle, cane, "EE"    8.00(I)

                              BWHD  Whistle, brass, "D"   10.00(I)

                              BWHB  Whistle, brass, "B"   10.00(I)

                              BWHC  Whistle, brass, "C"   10.00(I)

                              BWBB  Whistle, brass, "Bb"  14.00(I)

                 LIFL   Play On Flute, Pankaj(Flute, Shahnai, & Bean) $ 8.00(I)

See correct current prices on Chinese gongs, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, temple bells, and Tibetan Singing bowls on BOWLS page 

CHG4   Chau gong, 14"                                $140.00

CHG8   Chau gong, 18"                                $212.00

CHG2   Chau gong, 20"                                $290.00

WDG2   Wind gong, 22"                                $180.00

BRG1   Burmese gong, 11" with stand                    $160.00

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                TK06  Talking drum, embossed nickeled brass, 6"x10"(P)  $ 60.00

                TK08  Talking drum, embossed nickeled brass, 8"x11"(P)    80.00

                TK10  Talking drum, embossed nickeled brass, 10"x15"(P)  110.00

                TK12  Talking drum, embossed nickeled brass, 12"x16"(P)  180.00

                 IRFL  Irish flute,cocus wood,4 parts, tuning rod,"DD"(P) 190.00

               SHGD  Shaguhachi, bamboo, "DD"            (I)             16.00

                SHGE  Shaguhachi, bamboo, "EE"            (I)             16.00

                 SHGC  Shaguhachi, bamboo, "CC"           (I)              16.00

                NAYF  Nay flute                          (I)              20.00

                QUNA  Quena flute                        (I)              16.00

                 MEDP  Medieval Pipe (Shawm)              (P)             120.00

                NAFL  Native American Flute              (P)              50.00

                DIDB  Didjeridoo, painted bamboo, 40" to 48" long (I)     30.00

                DINC  Didjeridoo carrying case               (I)          28.00

                DIDM  Didjeridoo mouthpiece, plastic         (I)           3.00

                TB10  Tabor drum, 10", with sticks           (P)          24.00

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Ouds (Medieval Lutes)

                  OUDM  Oud, mini size (Toy Quality)                   $ 76.00

                  OUDH  Oud, halfsize, Syrian, playing quality          190.00

                 OUDR  Oud, rosewood, with case                        538.00

                  OUDD  Oud, Egyptian mosaic, with case                 720.00

                  OUDG  Oud string set                                   24.00

                  OUDH  Oud case                                        165.00

                  OUDB  Oud tutor book, Elias                            16.00

                  MIZM  Mizmar, Turkish shawm, with reed       (P)       72.00

                  MIZR  Mizmar spare reed                                 6.00

                  SAZI  Saz, 49", 3 course, 7 strings, made in India    520.00

                RTLC  Rattle, cow hoof shells, engraved handle      (P)   24.00

                CAST  Castanets on a handle                (I)            10.00

     CASB  Castanets, ebony set, 3"             (I)            12.00

                MOKY  Monkey drum on a handle               (P)            6.00

                 WAGO  Wood Agogo with a stick              (P)            10.00

                 SAGO  Steel Agogo with a beater            (P)            40.00

             COWB     Cow Bells, set of three, 7", 6", & 4"     (P)       48.00

                 RAIN  Rain sticks, 39" long                (I)            32.00

                 THMP  Kalimba, thumb piano, 12 keys        (P)            30.00

                BLLK  Balalaika, rosewood, with case          (P)        220.00

                  BLLT  Balalaika tutor book, Dorozhkin                  10.00

                 BOUZ  Bouzouki, 8 strings, octave pair w/case    (P)     400.00

                  PF10  Pan Flute, curved simulated bamboo, 10 tones     32.00

                  PF18  Pan Flute, curved simulated bamboo, 18 tones     48.00

                  RC3P  Recorder, black & white 3 parts, soprano          6.00

                  RCDC  Recorder, decorated white, soprano                6.00

                  RCAL  Recorder, black & white, alto                    30.00

                ONSM  Necklace ocarina, Bass                 (P)          16.00

                ONCB  Necklace ocarina, Contra Bass          (P)          20.00

                  LOCK  Ocarina tutor book, Kalischeck                    4.00

                NAKR  Naker, 10", pair                     (P)           120.00

                BELL  Bell tree, 28 bells, 24" high, (not chromatic)(P)  140.00

                BULH  Bulb taxi horn                       (P)            16.00

               BULR  Bulb taxi horn reed                  (P)             2.00

     BULB  Spare rubber bulb                    (P)             8.00

                TRIA  Triangle, 9"x12" steel rods            (I)          10.00

                TUPS  Tupan drum, 16" (Dawul, Tabl baladi)      (P)      180.00

                 TUPL  Tupan drum, 20" (Dawul, Tabl baladi)     (P)       240.00

                TUPB  Tupan beaters, extra pair                (P)        10.00

   NC16  Nylon case, 16" tupan                   (P)         32.00

                 NC20  Nylon case, 20" tupan                     (P)       40.00

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           LUTE  Lute, 8 course with case, rosewood                         (P)    649.00

           LUTC  Lute case                                                                   (P)   109.00

            LUTS  Lute 15 string set, D'Addario                                              29.50

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                DHAM  American hammered dulcimer, 12+11 courses (P)    $ 398.00

                DHSN  Hammered dulcimer (Santoor), 3 octaves, case (P)    449.00

                DMHG  Mt. Dulcimer, rosewood, hour-glass shape  (P)      139.00

                DHST  Dulcimer stand, adjustable              (P)         155.00


                     ZSTB  Student zills, 2", thick brass   $ 8.00 set of 4

                     ZRMB  Rim zills, 2.4", thick brass      12.00 set of 4

                     ZFLB  Flare zills, 2.4", thick brass    12.00 set of 4

                     ZSPB  Super zills, 2.7", thick brass    16.00 set of 4

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                             GT08   8" goatskin head         $ 4.00

                             GT10  10" goatskin head           5.00

                             GT12  12" goatskin head           6.00

                             GT13  13" goatskin head           8.00

                             GT14  14" goatskin head          10.00

                             GT16  16" goatskin head          13.00

                             GT18  18" goatskin head          16.00

                             GT22  22" goatskin head          20.00

                             GT26  26" goatskin head          24.00

                             GT30  30" goatskin head          32.00

                             GT36  36" goatskin head          40.00

                             GH14  14" goatskin head, w/hair  14.00

                             GH16  16" goatskin head, w/hair  20.00

                             GH18  18" goatskin head, w/hair  26.00

                             GH22  22" goatskin head, w/hair  32.00

                             GH26  26" goatskin head, w/hair  42.00

                             GH30  30" goatskin head, w/hair  52.00

                             GH36  36" goatskin head, w/hair  60.00

                             CH18  18" calfskin head, w/hair   26.00

                             CH22  22" calfskin head, w/hair   32.00

                             CH26  26" calfskin head, w/hair   42.00

                             CH30  30" calfskin head, w/hair   52.00

                            GTSC   Goatskin scraps, 1 lb.      5.00

                             CF2C  22" conga head             34.00

                             CF6C  26" conga head             44.00

                             CF10  10" calfskin head         $ 6.00

                             CF12  12" calfskin head           8.00

                             CF13  13" calfskin head          10.00

                             CF14  14" calfskin head          12.00

                             CF16  16" calfskin head          14.00

                             CF22  22" calfskin head          24.00

                             CF26  26" calfskin head          34.00

                             CF36  36" calfskin head          54.00

                             CF48  48" calfskin head          80.00

                              CF65  65" calfskin head        200.00

                             FS10  10" fishskin head          20.00

                             FS11  11" fishskin head          22.00

                             FS12  12" fishskin head          24.00

                             FS13  13" fishskin head          30.00

                             FS14  14" fishskin head          36.00

                             FS15  15" fishskin head          40.00

                Specify relative thickness; thin, medium, or thick.

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