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Mali style Dunun drums from
SoundRoots Musical Instrument Works

Aprox 14" tall, 11.5" diameter. $175.00.

Made of industrial grade steel can, painted or wrapped in fabric. 2 high quality West African goatskin heads, with 4 ring pull system.  Handmade hardwood mallet included.

The Dunun drum can be found in various sizes and under various names throughout West Africa and the Caribbean, often played in ensembles, or as accompaniment to djembes or  talking drums. Typically slung over the shoulder to the side, and played with a straight or curved stick, the Dunun can also be played slung over the neck in front of the player. In this position, a cowbell is often hung on top of the drum, and played with a stick, or a metal ring. Various closed and open tones can be produced by muting the drum, either with the free hand, or with the primary drum stick. The tone of a Dunun drum can vary from quite low to very high, depending on the instrument and on the preference of the player. The SoundRoots Dunun drum is tunable, either by cross pulling of the primary laces, or by adjustment of the  double purchases incorporated in the primary lacing.

The SoundRoots Dunun is a very powerful, versatile and durable drum. It is also very player friendly, and will easily compete for tone and volume with the most powerful djembe. Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed for 6 months. Thereafter, for the life of the instrument, we’ll repair or replace any component at cost + $25.


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