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Our Music, WindSpirit Productions
Sunreed Instruments is pleased to offer our own music recordings and a variety of penny whistles, wooden flutes and whistles, flutebags, songbooks and accessories for our many instruments (click this link or scroll to bottom of the page.)  Please look around and if you don't see something you're looking for, just let us know and we'll be happy to try and find it for you.


WindSpirit Productions is our own sound production company, created to record and produce fine, quality music that quiets the mind, nourishes the heart, and enriches the soul. Whether used as gentle background music in office, home, or car, for relaxation, meditation, or massage, or for work in other healing arts, you will find this music touches and moves you.
Zacciah has been a bamboo flutemaker since 1974. In this time, his work with sound and its healing mechanisms have provided him with a basis for revealing deep and unassuming tonal structures. The music Zacciah plays is intuitively inspired. Through prayer and meditation, Zacciah enters a heightened state of perception, opens to the world around and within him, and evokes the beauty he sees and feels through soothing tones of flute or voice.  (add'l background may be found on "About Us" and "Center of Light" pages (The Center of Light pages will also explore our work with sound healing.)

Tape 1
Transmutations JacketIn Transmutations, his first musical release, Zacciah embodies the spirit of new age music by incorporating a high energy force with a contemplative mind. His music is a meditation, a prayer, a giving of himself to the spirit, and an opening to the spirit to move through him. The tempo is smooth and even, gentle in nature, yet full of immediacy. The blending of 12 string guitar, drone dulcimer, and zither by Stephan and Mary Mikes, adds depth and balance to Zacciah's flute. Overall, Transmutations is an excellent tape for meditation, release, drawing in power and light, for hands on healing, background in all disciplines of healing therapy, as well as at the office, home, and work environs. 30 minutes of original music, in a 60 minute format. Fully instrumental. Highly recommended for all audiences.
Tape 2
Christos Love: Flight of Angels
Flight of Angels JacketFlight of Angels shows the evolution of Zacciah's music into a place of deeper knowing, deeper connection, and clearer intention. It is with intention we connect to the Divine State of Grace. He, with Stephan Mikes' remarkable string and synthesized accompaniment and lead, create an opening, a doorway, to the currents of light and sound that permeate the world of subtle energy. With richness and delicacy, they draw these subtle currents out into the audible spectrum of sound vibration, for our listening experience.
Zacciah plays bamboo flutes and performs a 5 minute vocal interlude, with Stephan on sitar, 12 string guitar, German zither, and synthesizer, for 41 minutes of original music in an 82 minute format. Highly recommended for all audiences.
Tape 3
Christos Love: Flight of Angels Instrumental
All the original music of Tape 2, without the vocal piece, and duplicating another, creating a 45 minute purely instrumental version of Flight of Angels, in a 90 minute format. Recommended for those with healing practice or who prefer fully instrumental music.

All music is in high quality BASF Chrome tape audiocassette form. $10. per tape. Any two tapes for $18. 3 For $27. See shipping charges on order form.

It is with gratitude that we offer this music to you.
We hope it will serve you, as it serves us, to ever deepen places of healing and of sharing, and move you to awaken to, and explore, the treasures of your soul.

We are beginning to offer fine selections of music from Native American, Australian aboriginal and other artists.  You may see these listed on our Native American Flute, Drums, and our Didgeridoo pages.

* Sound Bytes will be available here at a future time.

** Watch for our future releases on Native American flute, shakuhachi, Native American inspired chants with drum.


Divine Spirit
       may we be empty vessels
       that you may pour forth your joy, light and wisdom
               through us, in music
        may we ourselves
           be the instruments
        which you play with your hands, breath, and heart

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Sunreed Instruments offers a variety of accessories and a growing list of penny whistles and wooden flutes to meet your needs.
If we don't list something you might need, ask us, and we'll see if we can get it for you.
Enamel Finish, Sanded Finish, Bindings -- $10 and up.
Additional Instruction Books -- $7 and up, as available.

Ocarinas and Penny Whistles
Simple, colorful cloth cases, with tie strap, for best care and protection of your instrument.  Ask for special configurations, multiple flute bags, straps, etc.  We also have special velvet or silk lined bags for $22-25. for most flutes.  (Also, see specialty bags, bottom of page, for flute, recorder, whistle.)
See info on our highest quality wooden whistles below.

Susato Ocarinas  - 

plastic, one octave in C. - $6

Flutebags (see chart below for prices by length; 
photo at bottom of page)
For instruments:

Penny Whistles 
(with instructions): 
simple, 12" or 15" bamboo -- $6
(imported:  these simple bamboo whistles may not be accurately tuned)
Flutebag length:
For flutes  to 13"
Flutebag Cost:

Traditional Metal Irish whistle by 
Feadog or Clarke, in D or C -- $8 
Photo below
to 14"

Or request other keys by Generation., Eb to Bb, as available
to 17"

Susato whistles 
(More models and keys available than listed, very high quality, well tuned, well voiced, ABS plastic, see photo below.  In Black or Ivory color.  Kildare Models include vinyl case. 
Photo below.) 
to 19"

Dublin Models:
one-piece in 
high G, F, E, Eb, or D
available in ivory color or black



to 24"

Low Bb, Low A, 
Low G


to 36"

Kildare Models: two-piece 
in high G,F, E, Eb, D


to 48"

two-piece in 
Low Bb, A, G, G#, F, F#

$59.90 or
G, G#, F with 1 key
to 60"

two-piece in Low F, E
F  $79.90 or $99.90;
E $79.90
over 60"

two-piece in 
Low Eb, D
We also have special velvet or silk lined bags for $22-25. for most flutes. 

See our specialty flutebags at bottom of page.

Many more whistles and accessories coming to our pages!!!!

All whistles
and flutes come
with full instructions!

Also from Susato: 
Tabor pipes, recorders, many keys;   pentatonic recorders in G and F, multi-body whistle combinations. 
Black or Rosewood. 
Instructional CD's and books, etc, for whistles, also available.

Sweetheart wooden whistles.  Very high quality whistles, fifes, piccolos,  $75 and up.  Photo below.  Photo and info in link.
We also offer high quality Adler, German made whistles, in D, natural maple hardwood.Sale  $49  reg. $68.
  Includes cleaning rod and cloth bag.
High quality instruments from an internationally respected maker.  Also, Adler recorders, and chalumeau (wooden clarinets,) are available.
Wooden Whistles, Fifes, Piccolos

Sweetheart Wooden Flutes
Quality Irish, Renaissance, and Baroque wooden flutes $195 and up.  Photo and info in link.
Also, Tabor pipes, walking staff flutes, $70 up.  Photo below.

Simple step by step instruction booklet for flute or whistle.  Very good for beginning player of major scale flutes and whistles we offer.  30 pages of step by step instruction and simple songs: play by the numbers method of introduction.  Two pages designed to teach music in key of D, but otherwise all instructions good generically for all major scale instruments.  Out of print book, simple copies for your convenience.

Samples of our many flutebags.                 Susato whistles.   Clarke whistles.       Sweetheart
                                                                                                                                              whistle,     caneflute

Special Flute bags

Special lined velvet flutebags
with tie, for best care and protection of your cedar flute.   Commonly in Black, Wine Red, Royal Blue, occasionally Forest Green.
(If you select  a color, please add an alternative, not all are in stock at all times.)

When available, special Chinese silk bags, lined, with tie.





Special lined cloth flutebags, made from tapestry quality cloths, with button down flap and shoulder strap for ease of carrying.  Colors will vary consistently.

Each bag will fit two sizes of flute:

16-22" standard width flutes and shakuhachi, including root.

20-27" extra wide flutes, including cedar N. Am. style flutes, or 2 flutes (can be sewn with two pockets for an add'l $10.)



Flute Bag

Dorothy's Flutebags
Bright, vibrant colors with velvet lining and draw string.
Colors will vary.

Each bag fits flutes up to 19"


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