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Native American Drum, Pow Wow Drum

Native American Frame Drums
Lakota  *  Cherokee/Blackfoot  *  Apache
Hand Drum
Shaman Drums
Pow Wow Drums
Remo Drums
Hoop Drums

 Sunreed offers high quality hand-made Native American hand drums, or frame drum (also known as a Shaman Drum,) and Pow Wow drums from a variety of makers.  Representatives of the Apache, Cherokee, and Lakota  traditions offer their finest Native drums.   We also offer fine quality Remo Drums. 
Though we try to keep all pricing up to date, prices are subject to change.

"Drumming connects you with your bones, your heartbeat, and your natural rhythms.  You connect with the drum by holding it close to your heart and letting your feelings, transfer into the drum.  When we breathe, we all beat upon a common drum." 
Steven Ash in Sacred Drumming 

Lakota Drums
Lakota Native American Drums
Pictured:  18" and 15" Elkskin drums.
Prices Below

Our Lakota maker provides Elkskin frame drums, or hoop drums, very well tied, full wrap, with lace rawhide of elk or deer, which will withstand the rigors of humid weather.  Frames are made from maple.  We highly recommend these excellent quality, and very reasonably priced, drums.  See choice of beaters available, not included.
Deer, buffalo, and steer skin drums are available.  Info is available  on drum frames, peyote drums, and more.

For all of our drummakers, we recommend the 18" drums for a full, rich tone, easy to hold, excellent for personal use in ceremony, ritual, or music.  Consider, also, a drumbag, at bottom of page, for proper care and protection of your drum.
Drum Care Information
We keep
elkskin Lakota frame drums in stock.
Prices below.

Prices:  Lakota Drums, Round, Elkskin
    $160.  **
Buffalo Skin
Add $20.  

** We recommend the 18"size for most adults. 
(These drums are round, available in deer, elk, and Texas steer skins.
We generally recommend elk and keep these in stock.)

8 Sided Lakota Drums

Western Cedar 8 Sided Drum Frame with Elk Rawhide
    13" $110.  
15" $120.
17" $155.


New leather bag with carrying strap for drum beaters/mallets  $85
photo soon
Drum mallets, or Beaters
(not included with Lakota drums)

Beaters made by our Lakota Drummaker:
Plain:  $14.00
Fringed:  $25.00

Color of hide will vary.
  Fringed Drum Beater
with jingle cones for added effect: 

Color of hide will vary.

Double Headed Drums

SweatLodge Drum


13" x 5.5" (BUFFALO Skin) 
$180.00 includes plain beater
US shipping $25.00

(Guaranteed to hold its tone in sweat lodge)

49 er Drum
49er Drum, Two Headed Native American Drum

 20" x 7"
Covered with Texas Steer.
This drum is made for  4 people to use walking or standing.
Can be used as a small floor drum.


Drums, Lakota

24" x 12" $420.

26" x 12" $520.

28" x 12" $590.

30" x 14" $750.

32" x 14" $800.

34" x 14" $1000.

36" x 14" 12Ply $1100.

Lakota Pow Wow Drum with stand

26" powwow beaters  $30. each
Collapsible stand $200.00

(Powwow Drums are covered with Texas steer 5-7oz., Buffalo or Elk.
We have found this to be the best hide to stand up to extreme weather changes.)
Contact us for prices for pow wow drum frames and hides.

PowWow DrumSticks, Approx. 24-26" lengths
$30. Each; natural (wood/leather) or fiberglass/foam head

Pricing on Painting for  Lakota drums by Native American Painter only. 
For most designs add $225 to drum cost.
Our drum maker will paint your design on a Lakota drum.
Contact us:
bear drum
orca drum
eagle drum
child face drum

Medicine Wheel Elk drum

Four Directions with Feather

Drum Kits
Native American Drum Kit
Kit includes instructions, routed frame,
rawhide (either Deer or Elk),
Up to 14 feet of rawhide lace.
13" Drum Kit...$80.00
15" Drum Kit...$100.00
18" Drum Kit...$130.00
20" Drum Kit...$140.00
S & H for 15", 18", & 20" $25.00
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Drum Frames
drum frame
round maple
10" x 1 7/8"    8ply    $18.00
13' x 2 2/3"   8ply     $35.00
14" x 2 3/4"   10 ply   $35.00
15" x 2 3/4"   10 ply   $35.00
16" x 2 3/4"   10 ply   $35.00
18" x 2 7/8"   10 ply   $37.00
20" x 2 7/8"   10 ply   $40.00
24" x 3.25"   10 ply    $55.00
26" x 3.50"   10 ply    $65.00
28" x 4.25"   10 ply    $75.00
Cherokee/Blackfoot Cedar Native American Drum 

Cherokee Blackfoot Drums
not available at this us for more information

Hand frame Drums, by our Cherokee / Blackfoot maker,are made with  recycled eastern cedar frames, and cow or elk skins.  They come with a simple beater.Cherokee/Blackfoot cedar native american drum
Can be made with either 1/2 wrap (sides visible, as in photo,) or full wrap (wood frame fully covered.)  We recommend 1/2 wrap in order to see the beauty of the cedar (see photo.) These are exquisitely beautiful drums, but the wood is a little thicker, and therefore heavier, than many contemporary drums.

 Single sided         ~(Cow or Elk)~       Double sided

12x3 = $130                                           12x3 = $170

14x3 = $150                                           14x3 = $190 

16x3 = $170                                           16x3 = $210

                                       18x3 = $185                                           18x3 = $225
                                                                                                    20 x3 = $250

Buffalo hide is an additional $50
            Larger powwow and sweat lodge drums are also available, see below.   
Shipping and Handling on all hand frame Cherokee/ Blackfoot Drums:
 $25.00 by
USPS Parcel Post  ground or UPS ground
$35.00 USPS Priority Mail airmail

Cherokee drums come with a simple beater. 
Drum frames are made from the reclaimed or recycled wood from the heart of the eastern red cedar tree.  We can build special drums from hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut and Maple at extra cost.
You can order finished or unfinished drums at same price.
Drums can an be finished with Polyurethane or linseed oil.

Vherokee/Blackfoot Pow Wow DrumCedar Pow Wow Drums (Cow Hide)
 Hardwoods can be priced: Cherry, Walnut and Maple.
For Buffalo hide, add $150
17x12 Sweat lodge drum = $500
20x12 Pow Wow Drum   = $650
24x12    "      "      "        = $800
 27x12    "      "      "        = $950

                           29x12    "      "      "        = $1100
Custom design 3 way stand for any size drum $200
Beaters = Hard or soft is the same price:
Simple beaters = $15
       16" =  $30;   with fringe $40
    20"-24" = $35;  with fringe: $46

The Art and Heart of Drum Circles Book by Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens
Book and CD $15.95
n this quintessential guide to both creating and facilitating drum circles, noted music therapist and drum circle facilitator Christine Stevens covers everything from key grooves and instrumentation, to the personal side of empowering people and creating transformational experiences through recreational drumming. Filled with practical tools, guidelines, principles, helpful hints, exercises, and even a play-along CD, Stevens' book weaves into one resource the many key elements of what My Generation/AARP Magazine refers to as one of the country's "fastest growing holistic health trends." "Christine Stevens brings together the energy of her drum circle leadership and the healing power of her background in wellness to give us a very helpful book for drum circle leaders, teachers, recreation specialists, religious group leaders, health professionals, business people and amateur drummers." - Dr. Will Schmid, MENC Past President and author, World Music Drumming "This book is a must for anyone involved in or interested in the drum circle movement - from veterans to wanna-be facilitators." - Karl Bruhn, Father of the Music Making and Wellness Movement What you'll learn: . The science of entrainment . The drum circle duality . How to advertise and setup your drum circle . Recommended drums and percussion instruments . Eight basic facilitation cues . Seven essential skills of facilitation . Making arrangements in-the-moment . Facilitation using a melody instrument . Creating sound-scapes with new drummers . How to cover the basics of hand drumming . Starting and maintaining the groove . Designing your program . Facilitating from a place of musical joy! . Creating metaphors and meaning.  The Cd features over 45 minutes of play-along grooves to jump-start your drum circle as well as a practice tool to develop your personal percussion repertoire.

Apache Drum   

Apache Native American DrumApache Drums made the traditional way.

Our Apache drum maker has a rich unique style to her drums.  She has strong aesthetics visible in her fine lacing styles. 

Pictured above is her 18" frame drum, Whirlwind lacing pattern, with other sizes behind it. 
(Note:  drum pictured has additional ornamental lacing added around the fringes, $2./each lace.)
See additional images Below, for standard drums from this maker.

Expect a 1-2 week wait on most Apache drums.
YL 12"
YL 14"
YL 16"
YL 18"
YL 20"
Beaters are an additional $17. with these drums.
             (see images and sizes below)

Skins, as available, are Elk, Horse, Cow, Deer, Buffalo
  (extra cost for Elk or Buffalo: 
add $20.)
Our drummaker recommends at least a 12" drum for adult's liking.  We recommend the 18" drums for a full, rich tone, easy to hold, excellent for personal use in ceremony, ritual, or music.
Painting, below, is available for our Apache drums only.  Our drummaker will paint your design on your drum as a special order.  You may submit your image for painting, or ask for a particular design:

Borders only:  $50.00

Designs:         $125.00

Pow Wow Drums are also available:

Width x Heighth
        24 x 14    $700., includes 4 beaters
28 x 12    $800.
, includes 4 beaters
        30 x 14    $1000.
, includes 4 beaters

Apache Pow Wow Drum
Drums are in circle style at this time.  Buffalo skins add $50.  Additional design work is extra cost.  Larger drums by request.
Hanging Drum Stand:  $200.00

  Additional images of our Apache drums & Beaters:

Apache Native American Drums

Pictured are 18" elkskin drums, with whirlwind (red), starburst (neutral) and Spirals border design, and 16" deerskin frame drum. 
Below are 18" elkskin whirlwind (red) and starburst.
Colors vary on wrapping of lacing/handles.

whirlwind frame drum  
Starburst frame drum

The StarBurst lacing design
Pictured are 16" deerskin and 18"  cowskin drums, and
simple beaters ($19.)

 YL 16-18"

Beaters, Apache:
Beaters are available in several sizes (colors vary):
For hand drums:
B2-716) 7/16" x 16"- $19.  Typical size
(Pictured: we recommend this size.)
Colors will vary

For Pow Wow drums:
B4-PW)   1/2" x 24" -  $32.  (not pictured.)

Fringed Beaters:

BF:  Beaters with leather handles and fringes:
7/16 x 16")   $37.

 Remo Drums


 Remo makes a wide selection of  Mylar/Fibreskyn Native American style frame drums, which they call "Buffalo drums."  While these are made from manufactured, non-natural components, they are popular among those whom wish to insure they will hold up under all weather conditions, in sweatlodges, high humid times, etc.  Natural skin drums can change or lose their voice, temporarily, due to weather conditions, these do not.
They are available in plain and printed designs.  Other sizes available.
14"Plain Buffalo drum:  $65.
16" Plain Buffalo drum:  $80.
22"Plain Buffalo drum::  $102.
Simple mallet included.

Children's Remo pow wow style "Gathering Drum", also available.  4 drumsticks included (black).

Remo Children's Gathering Drum
 Remo Children's Gathering Drum
21" X 22" -- $242.
7.5" X  22" -- $146.
Other sizes available, 16"  $85., 18"  $95.
Other Remo Children's Products:
KD-5400-01 - Remo Bongos, 5" & 6", Rain Forest  $55.
 KD-0608-01 - Remo Djembe, 8" x 15", Rain Forest  $93.
KD-5080-01 - Remo Floor Tom, 10" x 10" Rain Forest $60.
KD-1506-01 - Remo Konga, 6" x 15", Rain Forest  $69.
KD-0010-01 - Remo TUBANOŽ, 10" x 22", Rain Forest  $135.
click here for our complete selection
of Remo Drums  

Runes Border design, Apache Drums $100.
 plus the cost of the drum

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Shaman Drums
In every culture and on every continent ...the drum is or has been used for sacred ceremony.  Shamans of every tribe have used the drum in ceremony, for healing, and for journeying. 
We recommend three options for your shamanic drum

1.  Our Lakota Drum
Our bestseller and just a fabulous drum!!!
Holds its voice well, a beautiful drum to journey with.
2.  Remo Buffalo Drum
The 22" has the deepest voice, the 16" is a great drum really nice voice... a great drum for outdoor work
  as it holds its voice in all weather and humidity.
3.  Shaman Drum from Pakistan
frame drum/shaman drum
fixed goatskin head, rosewood frame, includes leather beater
an inexpensive alternative with a very nice voice
FDR12 12" x 2"   $35.00
FDR14 14" x 2"   $45.00
FDR18 18" x 2"   $59.00
FDR22 22" x 2"   $69.00

Sacred Drumming book by Steven AshSacred Drumming by Steven Ash
The beat of the sacred drum pushes through emotions and intellect, connecting us to our inner selves and the spirits. Let it enhance your life, enabling you to stretch out beyond yourself and reach inside as you feel the rhythm. Begin with the drum itself, how to buy or make one, then give it life by cleaning, blessing and dedicating it. Look into the sacred directions and find out where influences like love healing fall within them. Learn how to use the drum in ceremony and to integrate drumming into your daily existence, to drive away fear, anger and sadness. There's a wealth of Native American wisdom here. Connect with spirit by using the 60 minute CD that comes with this book. Listen and play along with the trance, meditation and healing drumming that you hear. Close your eyes and let yourself go; the more focused you are, the more you'll feel the power of the drum. Oversized paperback, 144 pages
. $15.95

When Women Were DrummersWhen The Drummers Were Women by Layne Redmond
“I devoured this book with a spiritual hunger that astonished me, hunger for roots that go all the way back to zero. Hunger for information to back up my instincts, my intuitive responses to a world that has forgotten that god is the dance. Hunger for religious roots buried in the beat, burned at the stake, pulsing in the bloodlines of a billion wild women. Erased but not eradicated. Layne Redmond offers us proof that rhythm is our mother tongue. She has undertaken a shamanic journey for all of us to recover our spiritual heritage and call the beat back into our tribal hearts.”

Gabriel Roth          $17.95

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circle of song
Circle of Song
By Kate Marks
Finally, the ceremonial songbook we have all been waiting for!
Designed as a resource book for musicians, teachers, educators and anyone interested in sharing song, dance and ritual, this book features:
-Over 300 sacred songs and chants from many traditions and global sources
-Easy to read music and words for all levels
-Instructions for forty dances
-Meditations, rituals and guidelines to inspire individual and group creativity for all ages
-A discography, extensive index and resource guide
-Sixty beautiful illustrations

Sacred Offerings

Palo Santo Sticks  2 oz. approx 10-15 sticks             $13.00/ea.

CA White Sage Sticks Large 7" long                        $6.00/ea.

 Ceremonial Tobacco Kinni-Kinnick 1.75 oz.  $7.00

Sacred Sage
 How it Heals

Silver Wolf Walks Alone
Book explains how to use sage for smudging, explains the smudging ceremony, the medicinal properties of sage and the spritual healing of sage.
29pages $8.00

Accessories:  Drum Bags, Rattles, Music
 Native Rattles
 Mock Orange Rattle

turtle shell rattle   
Turtle Shell Rattles

Native Medicine Rattles
Medicine ElkHide Rattles

Handmade Rattles, made out of Mock Orange wood and Elk Hide.  These rattle come adorned with leather and have a loud voice

$55 each
Made traditionally by our Lakota Drum Maker.
with leather handles and fringe trimmed with Rabbit fur.
Also available in mink and coyote fur.

$90 each

Medicine Rattles
Handles made from tree branch struck by lightning.
These lightning medicine Rattles are made from Elkhide and filled with semi-precious stones and rocks

The top two rattles  have a softer  voice, while the bottom three  have a louder voice.

$55 each

ancestor rattles
Ancestor Rattles
medicine pouch
Amulet Pouch and Medicine Pouches
Native Stone Bell Rattles
Stone Bell Rattles
from left to right
a)  African Maraca $25
b)  Seed Pod Rattle  $20
c)  Cow Hoove Rattle  $25
d)  Pod Rattle  $35
e)  Sm. Seed Rattle  $17
Amulet Pouch (center)
Made out of leather, appr. 6 1/2".
Medicine Pouches (l & r)
Made out of leather, appr. 5"

Stone Bell Rattles
Made out of leather, fringe, sea shells and bells. Each
is unique in it's own way. Appr. 7" including fringe.
$50 each

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Leather Tara Bag
Red Tara Bag
Native Elkhide Rattle
Cedar Rattle
Elk Hide Rattles

Native Storyteller Rattle
Story Teller Rattle
This Red Leather Amulet bag measures 8 1/2" by 11".
Handstitched, elkhide, adorned with tara amulet.
Shoulder strap.
Cedar Rattle (middle), soft voice.
Elk Hide Rattles, soft voice
$40 each
Story Teller Rattle
loud voice, 11"
Unique rattle...!!!


Talking stick rattle
Cedar Talking Stick
18" long cedar wood... adorned with leather, braided yarn,
 bells, and more!! Great shaman talking stick

We have more available

Elkhide stone Native rattles
Stone Handle Rattles
soft voice, adorned with leather and cloth.
$36 each
new stone handle rattles in stock contact us
Drum Bags 

Drum Bag

A) Quilted Nylon zippered drum bag
A) Thick, quilted:
For sizes to 14" frame drum:  $34

For sizes to 18" frame drum:  $47
For sizes to 20", or 22" frame drum:  $58.
For sizes to 26" frame drum:  $63.

A Black quilted drum bag with a zippered pocket which holds 4  (3" depth) Native American drums 18" to 20"  $90

Quilted Nylon Canvas Drumbag, with zippered
closure, handle, "backpack" straps, and extra zippered
pocket.  Great for protection and keeping drum dry
for best playing conditions.
In Black only.

economy drum bag
B)Our Economy Drum Bag
B)  Plain, Thin Nylon Canvas bags
       For 14-18" drums:  $25.

Cordura Nylon Drum Bag
D) Cordura Nylon, waterproof with Akuma (the cat)
the princess of the house

D) Cordura Nylon, waterproof, padded with shoulder strap  for 16"--18" Drums
Colors available: Burgundy wine, forest green, purple  $130.   Made in the USA

The best for protection and keeping drum dry for
best playing conditions.

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Prayer to the Mystery CD
Come to me great mystery cd
Desert Song:
Yolanda Martinez
A powerful CD of Yolanda's strong voice doing
beautiful chants in English, for everyone to understand. Beautiful rhythms with Hand Drums, Ceremonial Drums, Rattles, Bells along with wonderful harmonies to enchant your day. Yolanda introduces and tells the story as to how her songs came to her.
includes: Mother I Feel You, Cedar Song, Path of Beauty, Blessing of the Land, Spirit of the Wind, Ancient Mother, Buffalo Woman is Calling, and more.
Prayer to the Mystery
If you think there is nothing new in Native
American fusion music, you haven’t heard Little Wolf, an ensemble founded by Jim Wilson. Exploring a merging of elements from contemporary electronica and traditional
Native American music, this music is true to its roots while introducing a fresh element and a modern-world feel. Both those who like Native American music, and those who simply like to chill-out, will find this album
appealing, which has the added benefit of introducing
 traditional chants, drum rhythms, and flute melodies
to an untapped audience. Guest vocalists include the top-notch talents of Verdell Primeaux and Joanne Shenandoah.
New Age Retailer

Come to Me Great Mystery is the winner of the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album. Producer Tom Wasinger was honored with the prestigious award on February 9 in Los Angeles.

Come to Me Great Mystery is a collection of traditional Native American songs intended to heal the body and spirit.

Each song has a profound depth and beauty which invokes a compassionate and mystical presence with instrumentation by Grammy winning producer Tom Wasinger.
You can feel this CD in your bones.


See our Native American flutes pages for additional contemporary Native American Music.

Drumming Up Diva by Christine Stevens
Reviving Rhythms by Christine Stevens

Drumming Up Diva CD

Christine Stevens

Empowering Rhythms & Chants for Women’s Spirit


The UpBeat Philosophy
Drumming is an ancient tool for empowering women; a sacred method to access the voice of creativity and strength within your soul. Women were the FIRST drummers and today, women of all ages, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, are continuing the beat!

Play-a-long with this CD or use it for a women's gathering to REMEMBER your true power and revive your spirit. Sing the chants, dance the dance, and drum the rhythm
of your heart today! –Drum on Sisters!  $18.00


Christine Stevens


Reviving Rhythms


The UpBeat Philosophy
We believe that everyone is born a rhythmical being. As children, we loved to bang on pots and pans. Clap our hands. Explore the world of sound and rhythm everyday.

There is musical spirit waiting to be re-discovered in you.To rejuvenate your spirit.To let off steam.  $18.00



THE HEALING DRUM KIT    Healing Drum Kit  Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens

With a venerable history as a healing art, it’s no surprise that scientists are now finding measurable positive immune system changes following one-hour drumming sessions. With The Healing Drum Kit, internationally acclaimed music therapist Christine Stevens shows you how to use the art of drumming to ignite your creativity, release tension and anxiety, exercise the body, and communicate with a power beyond words. The Healing Drum Kit includes:

  • A quality 10" REMO™ frame drum
  • 24 Rhythm Cards featuring World Rhythms from Africa to Japan; Life Rhythms for whole-body healing; and Spirit Rhythms that liberate creative energy
  • 2 CDs of music for solo play or “drum circle jams”
  • Spiral-bound study guide with scientific evidence on drumming for wellness, drum blessings from various traditions,
  • playing tips, resources for starting a drum circle, and more     $60
  • S & H within the US  $15
“The Healing Drum Kit is the new roadmap, complete with all the essential ingredients for a lifetime of rhythmic joy.
A major work filled with love which gives the enthusiast an inside track to the secret and mysterious world of the
rhythmic arts. A must have for beginners and professionals alike.” —Mickey Hart

See our Native American flutes pages for additional contemporary Native American Music.
See our order page for shipping costs.

Please contact us for many additional titles and other Native Products, information.

See our Sound Healing Pages for work with drumming, sound healing, traditional spiritual practices of various lineages

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