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CedarNativeAmerican Flutes

IMAGE 1:   from top:  backpacker, standard, delux, crow

These traditional cedar flutes are made by one of the finest craftsmen of traditional Native American style flutes in the country, of select, aromatic cedar, a wood sacred to the Native American people. They are available in a variety of styles and keys.  These flutes are fully bored from one solid piece of cedar, then  finely tuned in a minor pentatonic scale, one of the more traditional and most popular scales of many Native American peoples and recording artists. The tonal quality is exquisite.  Available in keys of A, G, F#,F, E, and D# (other keys considered by special order).  They are very carefully tuned, finished inside and out, then signed and dated by the artist.  Hardwoods also available, at slightly higher cost. (For specialty flutes, see below.)
3 ends3 fetishes
at left, from top: 
delux, bird, standard
(bird is no longer available)
at right, from top: 
bird,delux, standard

  All flutes are listed from highest key, to lowest, in sequential order.  Smaller hands will want an A or G flute. 
G, F# and F are most popular, and most often used by recording artists.

DELUXE CROW FLUTE   (bottom in image 1)    (see flutebags below for best care.)
Premium aromatic cedar, traditional five hole design, fancy whistle block
This flute is 26" long. It is painted, and then distressed slightly where it's painted to show a little wood under the black. Finest glass eyes with a Crow Whistle Block. This flute is in the key of F, and is available in the keys of A, G, F#, and F.
DELUXE FIVE HOLE FLUTE   (3rd from top in image 1)
Premium grade, fine aromatic cedar; traditional five hole tuning,  fancy whistle block.  Satin finish, with two teal colored rings.  Beautiful, with excellent tone and pitch.   Choice of whistle fetishes:  Eagle, Bird, Horse, Bear, Cougar, Twin Sisters Butte, Deer.  (Not all fetishes available at all times.)
STANDARD FLUTES      (bottom in image 1)
Fine aromatic cedar; traditional five hole tuning,  fancy whistle block, basic bird.  May have small knots, and some white wood, which adds character and beauty to the flute.  Same standards of quality tuning and tonality.
Back Packer FLUTES

This flute is fully bored from cedar wood and well tuned , smooth body(no rings) signed and dated. It is 22" long with an Eagle whistle block. This flute is available in the keys of A, G, F# and F.     22"   A,G
F#, F

New Additions to Our Traditional Cedar Flutes

Native American Love Flute in hard durable plastic G (nice voice) $37.  (picture top flute)
Native American Sweet Love Flute cedar  in key of G 20"  $72. (picture bottom flute)

whistle blocksWhistle Blocks, choices available only on Delux models**: 
Twin Buttes, Deer,

Eagle (on all backpacker models), Horse,

Dove, Bear/Cougar

Basic bird (on all standard models.)

(**Not all blocks are available at any time, if you wish to ask for a specific block on your delux model, and do not want to wait 2-6 weeks for production, if it is not in stock, it is best to make several choices.  As these are hand made, appearance may vary slightly from one block to another.)

 Also Available, a wide variety of Specialized Flutes:
A variety of woods, styles, animal totems, etc.
Shown here:
Cedar Drone Flute:  $350.                  Walnut Loon:  $450.

Drone Cedar Flute    Walnut Loon Flute

 Walnut Delux:  $185.                   Walnut Eagle:  $350.
Walnut Eagle
Walnut Delux


Native American Style Bamboo Flutes

Bamboo Native American Style Flutes,
The Native American flute is a simple musical instrument, traditional to many indigenous cultures of North America. Often called "the love flute" because of its potent sweet quality, it was often used by young men in courting. The legends and stone paintings of Kokopelli, the hunchback flute player, abound in the southwest USA where he came to many people, bringing his gifts and song. The flute was and is used by many tribes as a sacred instrument, to offer prayer through the power of song. It is by far the simplest instrument to play which we make. I often tell people if you can blow out a candle, you can make a sound on this flute. It is that easy. These flutes are traditionally tuned to minor pentatonic scales (5 hole, 5 note), which make them especially easy to learn musically. (They are available in major Western scales (diatonic: 6 hole, 8 note) as well.  Please specify when ordering, add $10. for standard quality, $20. for concert quality, major scales.) We offer our own designs of the traditional Native American Flute. Made of bamboo, with a hardwood "bird" fitting, and rawhide strap, you will find these instruments have as rich and haunting of tones as the more traditional cedar and hardwood flutes, also available.
Standard Quality
 Concert  Quality
Flutebags Available
See Below
C, A
G, F
$ 50.00
   $65.00    $14.
E, Eb, D
$ 60.00
  $80.00    $16.
 $105.00    $20.
  $145.00    $20.
  $190.00    $26.
 $220.00    $26.

Professional Quality tunings are our finest selection of instruments in tonality and tuning characteristics for the professional ear.  Even the finest wooden Native American flutes rarely play more than one or two notes in the second register.  Most of our bamboo Native American style flutes play this range at a minimum, but often more.  We have developed techniques that occasionally make two octave instruments available.  Add'l cost, only as available.  Inquire if interested.

Cloth flutebags, with tie, for best care
   and protection of your flute.
(Image on accessories page)
 Soprano          $14.
 Traditional      $14.
 Alto , to D      $16.
            to Bb    $20.
 Bass                 $26.

Specialty bags listed below.

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Flute bags

Special lined velvet flutebags
with tie, for best care and protection of your cedar flute.   Commonly in Black, Wine Red, Royal Blue, occasionally Forest Green.
(If you select  a color, please add an alternative, not all are in stock at all times.)

Standard cloth cases for cedar flutes, w/ tie.
See images fo these here.





Special lined cloth flutebags, made from tapestry quality cloths, with button down flap and shoulder strap for ease of carrying.  Colors will vary consistently.

Each bag will fit two sizes of flute:

16-22" standard width flutes and shakuhachi, including root.

20-27" extra wide flutes, including cedar N. Am. style flutes, or 2 flutes (can be sewn with two pockets for an add'l $10.)




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art of nativeamerican
Art of Native American Flute
  R. Carlos Nakai
This book is a summation of R.Carlos Nakai's years as an educator,
performer and student of the Native American flute. Part one
includes discussions on tonings, fingerings, performance technique, tablature,
 style, history, standard notation, traditional ornaments plus a section on the
 care and maintenance of the flute. Part two includes sixteen
 transcriptions of Nakai's songs plus two DeMars' compositions.  Part three
 is an analysis of Nakai's role in Native American culture
as a recording artist and performer by the eminent ethnomusicologist David
 P. McAllester. More than a performance guide, this book is an important
 source book on the Native American flute.  121 pages, 8 ½" x 11"  Paperback: $ 19.95

Creating & Using the Native American Love Flute
Lew Paxton Price
This book explains in detail how to construct the popular end-blown flute of the Native North American tradition. Chapters include an historical overview of this instrument and uses in tradition native ceremonies emphasizing its importance as a tool for meditation and healing.
The focus of the book deals with practical aspects of the craft and construction: How to
 design a quality instrument, understanding the sound mechanics, deriving the proper keys, selecting from a range of traditional materials and a hands-on discussion of construction. Also included are chapters on playing techniques, traditional uses of the flute and information on care and repair of the instrument. An appendix is provided which deals with technical issues of woodwind acoustics as it applies to the Native North American flute. Several illustrations and charts. 46 pages.  $16.00

"Trailhead of the American Indian Courting Flute"

You can learn to play the flute without reading music! You don't need to read music to use this easy to follow
how-to-play book and CD Set. It has finger charts to show you where to place your fingers. A darkened hole means cover the hole up and a light hole means leave it open. It's that easy! This is not a songbook. It is a
 technique book teaching a series of lessons beginning with care and maintenace, scales for both the five and the six hole flutes, and then moves onto embellishments such as note bending, nature sounds, and breath control. You get both the visual of the book and the audio of the CD. The last two lessons are practice songs.
By Jeffery K Ball and Bruce A Whitten.

na earth song book
Earth Songs for the 5 Hole Native American Flute
Carol LaForet
  Earth Songs is the most recent in the Simple Songs series of the Native American flute music song books. This book has a green plastic cover and plastic spiral binding, and is for the 5 hole Native American flute. It uses the same principle of tonal graphics as do the other Simple Songs books: the graphics are mirror images of the holes that must be covered to produce the tones. These books can even be used by those who have never read music before.
We also include the following fingering charts: 
Minor Pentatonic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
Chromatic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
All the songs center around the rich Native American heritage, and include: The Grandfather, Fetish, Warrior's Return, Mother Earth, Buffalo's Voice, Midnight and Crickets' Songs, Quiet Lodge, Lake Shore, Morning Chant, At Sunset, Medicine Wheel, Star Blanket, Sage Smudge, Season, The Bonding, Drumming, The Rain Dancer, Spirit Song, Heart Shaped Stone, Sweat Lodge, Go Not Away.

NA Simple Songbook

                 More Simple Songs for the 5 Hole Native American Flute
      Carol LaForet
Here is a book of 20 simple yet haunting songs written for the five hole Native American flute. Each song embodies some aspect of the rich traditions and culture surrounding the flute. No music reading skills are necessary, as all the notations are graphics of the 5 holes, the dark holes being the ones you must cover with your fingers to make that particular tone. It is plastic spiral bound so it lays flat in a music stand. Native American flute music comes from the soul, and is normally extemporaneous, but sometimes it is useful to have some music to practice as you learn to play it, and that is why this book can fulfill a special need, for adults as well as for children.
We also include the following fingering charts: 
Minor Pentatonic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
Chromatic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
20 songs in all: 1. Desert Shade, 2. Moonstones, 3. Five Feathers, 4. U-we-se-di, 5. Sands Oasis, 6. Mesa, 7. Dusk’s Return, 8. A-wi (The Deer), 9. Sunset, 10. The Lodge, 11. Clay Pot, 12. Mourning Dove Song, 13. Fire Flies, 14. Raven, 15. Cascade, 16. Cold Spring, 17. Bear Paw, 18. Glass Beads, 19. Native Flute, 20. First Light of Day.
forrest songs
Forest Songs - for the beginner was written for the 5 hole "Pocket Flute" but will work with any 5 hole Native American flute.
Carol LaForet
As the title stated these are easy songs for a beginner. All songs are original by Carol LaForet. Spiral binding so it lays flat and it uses the same principle of tonal graphics as do the other Simple Songs books: the graphics are mirror images of the holes that must be covered to produce the tones. These books can even be used by those who have never read music before.
We also include in this book the following fingering charts: 
Minor Pentatonic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
Chromatic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
There are 18 songs in all:1. The Drum2. Hawks Soaring3. Dark Sky4. Skipping Stones5. First Star6. Canoe Song7. Listen to a Tale8. Silver Moon9. On the Cliffs10. Sunset on the Lake11. Two Arrows12. Pole Cake13. Song Bird14. Forest Path15. Camp Fire16. By the Lake17. Wolf Dream18. The Clan
flute magic book
Flute Magic - An Introduction to the Native American Flute

This book contains 20 chapters addressing everything from the origin and design of the Native American flute to a method for learning to play the instrument and read its music. Together with the fingering exercises presented in eight lessons, a number of tunes are included for both the five and six-hole Native American flute. Old standards, indigenous music, and original compositions are presented, meeting the needs of beginning to advanced players. This useful and practical guide to the Native American flute is suitable for either individual or classroom instruction.


circle of song
Circle of Song
By Kate Marks
Finally, the ceremonial songbook we have all been waiting for!
Designed as a resource book for musicians, teachers, educators and anyone interested in sharing song, dance and ritual, this book features:
-Over 300 sacred songs and chants from many traditions and global sources
-Easy to read music and words for all levels
-Instructions for forty dances
-Meditations, rituals and guidelines to inspire individual and group creativity for all ages
-A discography, extensive index and resource guide
-Sixty beautiful illustrations

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First Breath with Douglas Spotted Eagle**

First Breath with Douglas Spotted Eagle**
A great instructional video by one of the most respected Native flute players. This intimate,
 private lesson with Douglas Spotted Eagle covers breathing techniques, fingering, vibrato, and
 other tips. Complete with live footage, flute-maintenance tips, scales, and advanced methods.
45 minutes.

DVD   $32.00

Toubat : Journey of the Native American Flute**
Tom Bee
Image not currently available.
Excellent video on the history and resurgence of the Native American Flute.
Video  $25.00  Clearance sale $10.00

A Selection of fine contemporary and traditional Native American music on CD
Ask for other current selections, including other cds of Flute Player Carlos Nakai.

Red Moon

Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai

Composer Peter Kater brings together a stellar cast of Native American musicians to create a dynamic recording that encompasses haunting flutes, soulful chants, and driving rhythms all framed within Kater's remarkable contemporary
arrangements.Performed by a world class ensemble of musicians, this spirited recording gathers the sounds and music of diverse peoples into one unified and deeply inspired voice, as
we all come together to chant,dance,live and love under one Red Moon.
In Beauty, We Return

The Best of Carlos Nakai

Subtitled ""Twenty Years of Native American Music,"" this disc draws from the best of Grammy nominee R. Carlos Nakai's Native American flute recordings to show the range and versatility of his artistry. It includes solo flute work, collaborations with ethnic artists Nawang Khechog and the Wind Travelin' Band, jazz with the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, duets with Grammy-winning flutist Paul Horn and Grammy-nominated guitarist William Eaton, and closes with a flute performance in a rich orchestral setting.
Ghost Dance Songs

Red Shadow Singers

The Turtle Lodge is a facility of the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, Canada. It was built by volunteers and is a place where people of all cultures can come to learn, heal, and reconnect with the earth. It was built with the vision of an Anishinabe (Ojibwe) elder and serves as a gathering place for peer leadership and mentoring programs for youth. The Turtle Lodge offers these sacred songs for ceremonial purposes. Two songs are shared by other Canadian tribes, the Miq Maq from eastern Canada and the Napish from Eagle Lake First Nation. They are healing prayer songs received through fasting and ceremony and are not intended for competitive singing. The songs are done in honor and respect for guidance given by ancestors. Appropriate for sweat lodge ceremonies.

Stone's Song

Robert Turgeon

 Robert's words..." I am haunted by memories of the Sundance Drum. Leaving one world and entering another - forever burned into the essence of my life. The Sundance Drum is a heartbeat - the sound of a living culter.

     Visions of sacrifice - life present and past; have been etched and painted into stone, memories that have been recorded for our children and grandchildren. Spirit songs that have been recorded in pictures - forever - preserving the Sacred.

    "Stone Song" is my tribute t these historians. My breath - a voice passed to you through a vision. Stone Song is a key to our past; and a doorway to a new beginning.

    Leave your preconceptions behind...and walk a bridge between two worlds."

We have recently discovered the music of Robert Turgeon and love his style and the dimensions of the music. 
Shaman's Journey

Robert Turgeon

It has been said that the natural and supernatural worlds are inseparable: we are in constant movement with them.

    "Shaman's Journey" is Robert's  experience in these worlds; a relationship with Distant Time, Dreaming, and the Unconscious Mind.

    Journey with the music. Allow yourself to step back in time, through each song - through each experience. Listen to what you can discover: this may be a piece of your puzzle.


Winds of Devotion

R Carlos Nakai & Nawang Khechog

From opposite sides of the world, two rich traditions in healing music meet in one beautiful album: Winds of Devotion. Acclaimed Native American fl utist R. Carlos Nakai and Tibetan flute virtuoso Nawang Khechog come together in a cross-continental prayer for compassion, wisdom, healing, and universal love. These Grammy®-nominated artists offer you four peaceful and uplifting compositions of healing music that express their shared reverence for the divine spirit.

Nakai and Khechog share a harmonious rapport based on common dedication to the meditative path of music. Their flutes resonate with ancient indigenous sounds that spark a deep remembrance in the heart of the modern listener. Blending sacred chant, prayer, and the timeless beauty of the wooden flute, Winds of Devotion is an unforgettable experience from two masters of ancient healing music. Ideal for meditation, massage, body work, tai chi, or yoga. Features vocals by Chris White, with David Darling on cello, Wade Mathews on bass, and Geoffrey Gordon on percussion. Produced and arranged by Peter Kater.

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