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 We are pleased to introduce the Sweetheart line of fine, traditional hardwood flutes to our collection of hand made quality instruments.  You will find these well voiced instruments fit your need, whether professional or novice.  

Irish, Celtic, Hardwood Flutes

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Keyless Irish Flutes 

Resonance Model Flute, Blackwood with Silver Rings  $570.00

Resonance Model Flute, Rosewood  $375.00

The new “Resonance” Model Flute really honks on low D for that classic, wooden-flute tone that’s rich in harmonics. Dynamic expression is improved overall: can play louder on all notes with better clarity. Notes like E and A hold their own in the rest of the scale due to changes in the embouchure hole, conical bore, and undercut finger holes. Holes #3 and #6 are offset to shorten the reach and make this flute more comfortable to hold than others. A=440, great intonation, medium-sized holes, laser engraving. Internal cork joint serves the purpose of a tuning slide without the danger of cracking as would be the case with a metal liner. Two years in the making, designed by Walt Sweet.

Perfect for Irish Music. Suitable for beginner and expert alike.

Available in color-matched laminated birch wood, African Blackwood with three sterling silver rings and an end cap. Has a beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance finish (like its little brother, the Professional Model Fife in High D). Left-hand or zero-offset fingerholes are available on special order.

Our Celtic Flutes, Irish Flutes, Classical Flutes - whatever you choose to call them, are modeled after the best hand-crafted English flutes played by Charles Nicholson or R.S. Pratten in the early 19th century, and today are highly prized by players of Irish Music.


Rosewood Irish Flute

                  Keyless Flute in 2 sections,Rosewood, silver rings, Key of D

Cherry Irish flute

Maple Irish flute

                  Keyless flutes in 2 sections, Key of D, Cherry, Maple

These "Irish" models are preferred for jigs, reels, and other Irish and Contra Dance music.  Larger tone holes and different bore provide greater power and superb intonation in the most-used keys of D, G, and A.  The lower register is especially full bodied.  End plug and sterling silver rings are featured on rosewood models; turned wood rings on others.
Keyless Flute in 2 sections, with silver rings, without case.  Rosewood.  $495.00
Case (heavily padded Nylon with Velcro) for keyless flutes in D, Eb, or C.
Also:  Models available in low C or Eb; Inquire


Soft Case

Soft Case. (heavily padded Nylon with Velcro), for 1 key or keyless flutes.

IRFL, IRFR - Irish Flute, Cocus or Rosewood    $198.00 in Rosewood, or, Cocus wood, 4 parts, tunable, in "DD".  Case included.
Shipping weight, 3 LB.
Also, IRFK, Baroque flute, in Cocus, with 1 key.  $198.  Otherwise, same as above.
Good quality Irish and Baroque flutes, made in Pakistan.
Click link for images of each.

IRFB Irish Flute Blackwood
No adjectives necessary, this is a Blackwood flute. It assembles in four parts and comes in a beautiful Rosewood case and a zippered canvas gig bag with shoulder strap and pocket. At this price you can afford to get the best. The upper two sections have a brass slide for additional tuning. The center section slides into the top and bottom sections and has cork wrapped ends for a secure fit. The flute is tunable, in "DD". Cases included. The Rosewood case 16 inches by 4.25 inches by 2 inches. Assembled flute is 26 inches closed; slide opens the flute to a 28.25 inch length. Made in Pakistan.  $249.

Walking Stick Flutes

walking stick flute
Walking Stick, Flute Model (top); Fife Model (bottom) Based on a walking-stick flute at the Boston Museum of Fine arts, the Fife model is in Bb, after Cloos; and the Flute model is in D, the same as our D concert-pitch keyless flute. About 36" long.

  Walking Stick flute in Maple, $335.
Walking Stick fife in Rosewood, $250;   in Maple, $225.

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