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Bass Flute, enamel finish

   Pictured:   Bass D Pentatonic
     Transverse flute, with enamel
     finish, Chinese Calligraphy:  $220. 
    Student quality, concert quality ask for price
    available in all sizes.   By Special Order only. 

     Flutebag, for 40" instrument:  $26.

Sunreed Instruments

Zacciah Blackburn
P.O. Box 389
Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

(802) 674-9585
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Sunreed Home Page

General Information:
We at Sunreed Instruments are more than happy to consult with you on appropriate style and size of instruments for your personal needs. We have helped novice and professionals, since 1977, meet their musical needs!
Our customer service representative is available 10am to 5pm est Monday thru Friday.   Please call us with questions 802/674-9585.
Ask for information or prices on any instrument you do not see. Most instruments are in stock, and will be shipped within one business day of receipt of your payment.  

International orders will be sent International Air/insured unless specified otherwise...some large domestic shipments may travel via UPS. 

We will notify you if an instrument is out of stock, and how soon you might expect it. (We will not bill you until the instrument is ready to ship, except for instruments marked as "By special order only", or any other instruments which are built upon commission, and must be pre-paid. Commissioned instruments are those we design and make for you, which are not in our normal listings and include design fees discussed with you, or those marked as "special order".)

Prices on instruments we do not make are subject to change, though you will not be billed until notified and agreed upon any change in cost.

We Accept:     

Orders may be placed by mail, phone, fax, or on-line on our
We accept MasterCard, Visa,  personal checks, money orders, PayPal, and bank wire transfers. 

Be sure to add appropriate Shipping/Handling charges, (see below.) 
For shipping to other countries, please inquire (typical charges below.) 
nternational shipments may be subject to your country's taxes, duties, or other fees, over which we have no control.  See add'l info below for international shipping.

For information on our Privacy Policy, click here.

Shipping Prices Effective 05.08 (We update shipping prices as needed.)

Shipping and Handling Charges
Shipping prices have gone up dramatically on larger items.  We apologize, but must pass on these higher costs to continue to offer you our low prices on instruments.

For bamboo instruments:
(Bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, saxophones, clarinets, Native American Flutes and bamboo Didgeridoos):
In all lengths of these wind Instruments:  for those costing over $100, add $2.
For all all Crystal Bowls
**see warranty information:
Up to: 12"
 Up to 16"
 Up to 24"

 Up to 48" 15.00        22"
contact us    
 contact us    
 Up to 60" 18.00  Wooden and Australian Didgeridoos  $--call
 Over 60"
    (Special oversize fees apply) 
contact us
 Simple Pennywhistles, Videos, our FluteBags*, Books, Cassette Tapes and CD's ***
Whistles over $10, shipping is $8.00
Each additional instrument:
                                  (up to 24")
                                  (up to48")
                                  (over 48")

    Each additional Whistle, Video, Book, Tape, or CD *** or if shipped with another item  (*no charge for shipping our flutebags
 with an instrument)
For most other instruments: 

Under $50.   ---
Frame drums to 16"   ---
Frame drums to 18"   ---   Parcel Post ground
Frame drums to 18"   ---  USPS Priority Mail
Larger drums, and other instruments, please inquire.
Cherokee/Blackfoot hand frame drums --- Parcel Post ground
Cherokee/Blackfoot hand frame drums --- USPS Priority Mail

Some instrument combinations will require separate shipping containers, and individual shipping costs.
Contact us for larger instruments & drums.

All prices quoted are in U.S. Dollars, shipping to all U.S. States and Territories.  Shipping by Priority U.S. Mail (large parcels may be shipped UPS Ground) unless specifically asked otherwise.  All instruments are fully insured.  We are glad to oblige requests for overnight express, second day air and similar services.  Most flutes under 24" are $28. by Express Mail (may be overnight, but guaranteed 2nd day delivery.)  FedEx and UPS overnight averages $40-70, 2nd day air, $20-40.

For shipping to other countries, please inquire.  Typical charges to Canada, add approx. $18.00, Mexico add $18. 
All other countries,  $28. to $38. typical charges for most individual instruments, depending on size, weight, and destination, drums are typically $35-55 for one up to 18" drum.  Shipped International Express Air Mail or standard international air mail.  Fully insured.  Our largest flutes, didgeridoos, bowls, and drums will be more.
International shipments may be subject to your country's taxes, duties, or other fees, over which we have no control.   Check with your local authorities if you wish information on this.
See additional important information on International shipping.

Crystal Bowls
**warranty information:
Crystal bowls are fragile.  Though much like a very thick glass bowl, care should be taken in handling and playing them.
Bowls are insured to arrive in new condition.  Once unpacked in good condition, there is no further warranty. 
The crystal bowls have been used by thousands upon thousands of players worldwide for decades.
There are very few problems with the bowls, but they can break by striking too hard, playing too loud, reversing direction while a bowl is being played, playing them too close to each other (more than 12" separation is recommended.)
Common sense and care are highly recommended.  We hope you enjoy your experience with these wonderful sound healing tools.

You may return any instrument that does not meet your expectations, within 15 days of purchase, in new condition, for refund or exchange, less postage**.  While it is rare, we reserve the right to add a 15% re-stocking fee on some return items.  Ask if any item you have interest in may be subject to this fee.   **Items marked 'by
Special Order' & 'commissioned' instruments (instruments made to your  specifications,) may not be returned without prior permission.

Damages Incurred During Shipping: 
For damage in shipping:  All packages must be inspected for damage at time of receipt, and any damage reported within 3 days.  If damage occurs during shipping, all packaging must be kept for possible inspection by shipping agent.  Returns of most products may be made for 15 days from shipping date for full refund or credit, less shipping, if in new, unused condition.  Please contact us at before returning.   Warranty on Sunreed bamboo wind instruments is in effect according to warranty accompanying instrument.  No other warranty is given, expressed or implied, for any product, other than arrival in new, working condition.  Please read care information that may accompany your instrument.

For Exchanges, you will be billed for any shipping cost. 
For warranty exchanges we will pay shipping back to you.  International orders may be required to pay shipping both ways.  In the rare event of damage during shipping, you may be required to keep all shipping materials, and assist in any insurance claim, in order to process your damage claim.

To Order

1) CHOOSE YOUR INSTRUMENTS (we will be glad to help!)

2) SELECT YOUR METHOD OF ORDER (Phone, Fax, Mail, or SECURE ORDER on-line) & PAYMENT (Charge {MC, Visa}, check, Money Order, or Bank Transfer {add $10. for wire transfer charges.})
   (if paying by Pay Pal, see below***.)    

3) PRINT OUT THE ORDER FORM (Click on link to view and print  order form from your browser,) or GO TO SECURE ORDER FORM to order on-line now. (Click on link to go to secure order form.)

4) FILL OUT THE FORM, INCLUDE SHIPPING/HANDLING FEES , and send it to us. ( Vermont Residents only, add 6% state sales tax).  For books, videos, flutebags, other accessories, workshops, etc, simply fill out the next instrument line on the order form as if it were an additional instrument.  Feel free to use extra lines for special requests/information.  Your charge will appear as "Sunreed Instruments" on your bill.




6)  ***For PayPal customers:  If you wish to pay via PayPal, submit all information EXCEPT your credit card information via our Secure On LIne order form link, above.  Go to and open or setup your account, and choose the "send money" option.  Our PayPal account is under ''.  Simply send the Order Total amount via this email account as per PayPal instructions, and we shall send you verification upon receipt of funds.  If you wish to know in stock/shipping status for an order, we recommend you communicate with us before placing the order.

Check out our feedback, or leave yours:   e-mail us

    In our continuing effort to provide you with, quality, reliable service, and to insure your
satisfaction with our services, we have registered with the merchant quality control
services of and, directories of monitored, reliable, safe
e-merchant/shopping sites.  You will find the link below to the Public Eye rating system.  You can view ratings, or leave your own feedback there, about your experiences with Sunreed Instruments.  Those who place orders with us will soon be given the opportunity to place feedback with the BizRate system, which will be viewable at a later date.

Additional information on International shipping:

We will inform you of our expected shipping date for your parcel.  Currently we recommend  international priority air mail, insured.  This is typically 5-14 day post.  Express Mail is typically 3-5 day service.  However we find this type of mail service may more often be tied up in customs, and have additional fees added, which we have no control over. 
We have no control over your countries' customs regulations and fees.  You will need to check with those services in your country to determine their policies and tariffs.  On some occasions, your parcel may be held by customs.  With drums (animal skins) happens more often, as many countries have regulations on animal skin imports.  We still find the vast majority of shipments arrive on time.

With this method of shipping, standard airmail, insured, there is no way to place a tracking number to see the progress of the package.  If there is any delay, we simply have to wait and see.
The only alternatives, with tracking numbers, are either 1) Global Priority, which is less expensive, but cannot be insured (we then require you to take full responsibility for any loss or damage, so this is not our suggested method of shipment,) 2) Global Express, 3- 5 day shipping usually, which we have found has an added risk of being given to a private carrier in your country which may add duties and tariffs we have no control over and you will have to pay, or 3) very expensive private carriers such as UPS or FedEx or DHL (typically, recent costs are $300 vs. a $50 post office rate.)
By any method, of course, your customs may add duties which we have no control over.  However, those methods involving private carriers, in our experience, more often have additional tariffs added, and more often have more customs added, than via the regular international mail services we recommend.

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