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Sunreed Instruments offers high quality djembe, ashiko, doumbek, frame drums, shaman drums, hand drums, Bhodrans, Remo drums, Native American drums, pow wow drums, conga drums, tablas, djun djun, trap sets, and many other drums and percussion instruments of the world.
The oldest drums known are from 6000 BC.  Drums are usually played by with hands, or by one or two sticks. In many traditional cultures drums have a symbolic function and are often used in religious ceremonies. Drums are often used in music or sound healing therapy especially hand drums, because of their tactile nature and easy use by a wide variety of people.  In the past drums have also been used as a means of communication besides their use for their musical qualities.  The talking drums  of Africa can imitate the inflections and pitch variations of a spoken language and are used for communicating over great distances.

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