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Aboriginal Australian Didgeridoo
R. King Eucalyptus Didgeridoo
The didgeridoo (also: didgeridu, yidaki) is an Australian Aboriginal instrument used musically, in ceremony, and in ritual. Myths and legends abound about the didgeridoo and its relationship to the creation of the world in Aboriginal cultures. There is evidence it may have a history of over 40,000 years. Traditionally made from a eucalyptus tree which has been hollowed out from termites, it is often today made from bamboo and other materials. It is played like a bass horn, giving off a deep, resonant drone sound, unlike any instrument you are likely to have heard.

Authentic Aboriginal Australian Didgeridoos

R. King Eucalyptus Didgeridoo                                                                                                

Painted by Aboriginal artist R. King. This didgeridoo has a clear voice voice with booming vocals and harmonic brilliance. Raark (crosshatch) design featuring everything from long neck turtles to flying heron. This didgeridoo is lightweight. Includes an instruction booklet and a brand new beeswax mouthpiece. Woolybutt eucalyptus.

Reg.  $395    Sale $320
includes Didgeridoo Batik Carrying Bag, Graham Doe instructional DVD, and instruction booklet

$20 shipping within the US
We have other Australian didgeridoos in stock, contact us  for more information.                           
Our special Padded, lined cloth bags, w/shoulder straps, batik, varying designs, made to fit any didg up to 5'... $25. 
Cases, Instructional books, Tapes, and Videos
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Bamboo Didgeridoos

Bamboo didgeridoos
Priced by Length
1 ft. to 2.3 ft.
( This length will not produce a traditional, deep didgeridoo sound, but will provide an appropriate learning tool for breathing and blowing exercises, or "toy" didg for children.)
Up to 3 ft.
         Up to 3.5 ft.
Up to 4 ft.
      We recommend 4' as a good starter didg.
      Traditional sizes are roughly 3.5’ - 4.5’
     See cases and instructional materials below.
         Up to 4.5 FT.       $60
Up to 5 ft.
Up to 6 ft.
Our instruments, made from bamboo, with a wax mouth seal, are burned with simple designs, and lacquer finished for longevity. They have every bit the tonal quality of the authentic Australian instruments, while costing far less. Complete instructions are included.  Fine Cloth cases are available to protect your instrument.  Quality music and instructional books, DVD's, videos, and audiocassettes available below.

Sizes vary but usually are within 5 in. of upper length.
4 ft. didg is very good starting instrument.
Smaller sizes have less of the depth often wanted from a didg.
Larger sizes are generally a bit harder to play, with breath & control.
Experienced players often enjoy the larger sizes:  4.5" & 5 ft. are popular sizes.
Instruments are tuned.  Can ask by pitch and will advise what is in stock.

Painted Bamboo Didgeridoos
Painted Bamboo Didgeridoo
Bamboo Didgeridoo
and instruction cd
4 feet didg

Primitive painted and burned patterns
$50.00 (please specify a first and second choice in design)
s & h  within the US $15.00

 See Cases, Instructional books, Tapes, and Videos Below
            (Cases, for protection and best care of your fine instruments)

Written Instructions:  How to Play the Didgeridoo

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agave didgeridoo
Agave Didgeridoo

These Fire Hollowed Agave Didgeridoos are handmade by a craftsman/artist/musician in Florida.
He hand picks each piece of agave and creates these didgeridoos with sacred prayer and positive intentions. 

Each Didgeridoo is finished with a wood grain, glass-like finish creating a powerful resonance.

Dimensions; approximatly 4' in length, 1 3/4" width bees wax mouthpiece and 2 3/4" at the bell.
Each weighs approximatly 2 lbs. Keys vary, certain keys available upon inquiry.

s & h $20 within US
Our cratfsman will create a special order agave didgeridoo with your image painted on the didgeridoo
 Contact us at for
the details.

agave didgeridoo

 Instructions:  DVD, CD, AudioCassette, Rythm Sticks:

                      Australian clapsticks 
Learn to Play Didgeridoo DVD by Graham Doe 
Painted Clapsticks / Rhythm Sticks

 The traditional rhythm instrument played by the Aborigines of Australia, Rhythm Sticks are used to accompany songs and the Digeridoo. Approximately 10" in length and carved from Hardwood, Clapsticks have a unique sound all unto themselves.

Instructional DVD
Learn to play Didgeridoo with Grahm Doe
Shot in and around breathtaking Yosemite National Park. This  2 hour DVD has many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods. An excellent choice for beginners to learn about the didgeridoo and instructions for how to play. Also,  for intermediate players an exceptional way to learn new techniques.
Clearance Sale on VHS $10
Instructional Tapes $10.
double CD $25.
All by Master Player
Alistair Black


Alastair Black
Earth Tones

Double CD set:
1 Musical
1 Instructional
The Dreaming Gate

Didgeridoo, Tibetan Horsn, Gamelan Gongs and other dreamtime tools.
Crossing Paths
Peter Spoecker

The ancient aboriginal cultures of North America and Australia blended to bring a feel of ancient power and timeless tranquility
Island Warriors

Traditional Song and Dance of Kara Kazil 


DREAMING DIDGERIDOO: Tribal Fusion--Chillout (CD)

by Various

  Exotic cultures from around the globe offer deep sounds of the didgeridoo, didj horns, percussion, keyboards, strings and vocal incantation to initiate a mysterious journey. 

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Other Didgeridoo Options

Our Modern Didgeridoo                          with batik bag and instructionalCD                                                                      
Didgeridoo pvcOur 4 foot didgeridoo comes with protective cloth batik bag and instructional CD.  This didg is made from hard durable plastic with a no fuss rubber mouthpiece and tuned to the key of D.  This didgeridoo is easy to play and great for beginners or intermediate players.

shipping within the US$16.00

  Didgeridoo Box
Didgeridoo box
for all didg players from beginners to advanced players.
The Didgeridoo Box is in the Key of C. You get the big sound of a
 didg in a small package.  The didg Box is great for  traveling, camping,
backpacking, hiking, etc.
Made of a very durable pvc .The Compact Dimensions: 2" mouth, tapered to 3" bell x 24" in length.  Weighs in at 1/2 pound.  Produces the sound of a full
 sized 5 foot didgeridoo and easy to play!


Get additional instructions, video, CD, etc., here

Cloth Cases, to fit this, ask for 24" X-wide case, $20.

                   Vinyl carry case for all didg's up to 4'.  $25.


 Batik Cases
Didgeridoo Batik Carrying Case
Didgeridoo Batik Bags

      for carrying and storing your didgeridoo
      regular   $25.00

     extra large $40.00

 Didgeridoo bag                                                       
Samples of our many bags.   
Cloth Cases

We offer a variety of cloth cases for your didg. 
See flutebags by length of didg you want to cover:
to 48"
to 60"
over 60"


We are currently offering bamboo didgeridoo blanks in approx. 4'-5' lengths, cut and bored, natural, with no finish work or wax mouthpiece, but ready to create your own beautiful designs by painting or burning (and actually perfectly playable even in this fashion.)  As is, no warranty, though shipped in perfect condition, with instructions.
 $32. each.  Shipping, see order page.

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