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Frosted Crystal Bowls
Clear Quartz Bowls

These pure quartz crystal singing bowls are excellent tools for sounding, sound healing work, meditation, and chanting, as well as musical accompaniment.   A rich, resonant tone exudes from these crystal bowls by striking gently or rubbing them with the accompanying mallet.  Theses tones move through our body in vibrant waves, calming, aligning, and healing our energy centers.  Excellent, growing medical research is validating the powerful use of these bowls in balancing and healing the human body, mind and spirit. Each size is available in a variety of tones.  If you want a specific pitch, or feel drawn to work with a specific chakra, contact us for further information regarding your best current selection.  Frosted bowls are the more traditional, and heavier, thicker bowls for deepest, strongest resonance.  Clear bowls are lighter weight, easier to hold or travel with.  Ultra light bowls are a blend of these traits, lighter than frosted, richer tones than clear.
Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls (traditional frosted) Clear Crystal Singing bowls, or 
Ultra Light Frosted Singing Bowls
call for a price
contact us
12" $199.

  See More Bowls Below
Check here for our most up to date information, shopping cart, pricing and availability of all bowls, by type, size, color, chakra, etc.!

Sound Healing Instruments, Training, and
Tools for the Sound Healer

Sunreed offers a wide variety of Sound Healing Instruments & Tools used by healers of various cultures. 
While the instruments on this page are especially useful in Sound Healing Therapies,
drums, rattles, didgeridoos, flutes, and many of the other instruments we offer are also
very effective and utilized by Sound Healers world wide.                                                                                                                          

We are specialists in the field of Sound Healing, offering up to three year programs in sound healer trainings and therapies.

Ask us for advice on your instrument choices, and, check out our workshops and programs at School of Sound Healing for Personal
or Professional Skill Development in the Field of Sound Healing.

We can answer your inquiries with expert understanding of the nature and utilization of these sound healing tools.

                                                          The Center of Light
More on Crystal Bowls

Please note:  Special charge for exact pitch bowls..$30 and F note bowls are an extra $40
Our list prices are lower than retail prices.
   (See specials below, including a full 7 chakra set at reduced pricing!)
A wooden/suede or wooden handle/rubber ball striker and rubber stabilizing ring,
and instructional materials are included with each purchase.

For thorough instructions on use of bowls therapeutically, see books below, or visit one of our
sound healers trainings at the Center of Light's Institute of Sound Healing.
(For most bowls, a wooden/suede striker is given.  Wooden handle/rubber
ball strikers are available on request with bowls over 12". 

Additional mallets are available for $20.00
Some sizes of bowls are not always available.  
While we strive to keep our prices up to date, our manufacturers' prices can change without notice. 
Therefore, our prices are subject to change without notice.
for articles on how to pick a crystal bowl, click here

practitioner bowls 
Clear Quartz Crystal Singing
Handle Bowls: 
5  3/4"    $209.
6  1/4"    $229
 7"    $259.
  8"    $349.
Sizes and prices may vary slightly
Full Chakra Set
Handle Bowls: $1450. + shipping

These optically clear quartz bowls are designed with handles, which makes them very easy to hold and use.  They are excellent for your therapeutic or personal practice.  Because of their ease of handling, you can move around (your client or space,) with the bowl in hand, thus allowing you to focus and direct the sound, and energy, with clear intention.
They, also, hold a deeper, more resonant voice, which will last longer than many of the bowls.
Solid Handle Crystal Singing Bowl

Quartz Crystal Singing Solid Handle Bowls
excellent Sound Healing Tool for bodyworkers
6"  $199.00
7"  $259.00
8"  $339.00
9"  $355.00

Speciality Alchemy Series Crystal Singing Bowls

Rose Quartz Bowls 
Amethyst Bowls  Moldavite Bowls  Platinum Bowls


Egyptian Blue Series

Aqua Gold Series


Specials:Chakra Sets of Frosted Singing Bowls 

chakra set of bowls**Full Chakra sets, Frosted bowls: 7 bowls, 7 tones, various sizes; one for each chakra (energy center).

Excellent for balancing and healing.
4 choices of sets:
  Premium Large Set ...7 sizes from 9"-18":    $1350.00
U.S. Shipping $150.00

Medium Set...1-9",2-10",1-11", 2-12", 1-14" bowl:   $1198. 00
                                       U.S. Shipping $110.00
                        Small Set...2-8", 2-9", 2-10", 1-11":    $1169.00 
U.S. Shipping $99.00
         Extra Small Set...5-8", 2-9":  $1099.00
U.S. Shipping $99.00

Premium Diatonic 12 Frosted Bowl Set
1-8", 1-9", 1-10", 1-12" , 1-14", 1-16", 1-18" 
    1-9"sharp, 1-10"sharp, 1-11"sharp, 1-12"sharp, 1-14"sharp
U.S. Shipping $230.00

The 12 Power Bowl System
a mixture of Frosted and Optically Clear Bowls
a 12 Bowl Set
special price of $2574
U.S. shipping (please contact us)

Full Chakra sets: Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls:
Various size bowls:    $1100., plus shipping & up.

We carry Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases

Padded  Cases
gold faux suede outside with dark purple faux silk inside
(left photo)...(price does not include bowl)
x-Small (6")....$58.00
Small (7-8")...$62.00
Medium (9"-10")....$80.00
 Large (11" - 13")....$99.00
X-Large (14")....$118.00 

   XX-Large (15"-16")....$209.00

 Regular Handle Bowl Case  $119.00
Large Handle Bowl Case  $129.00

Images on Right are for Handle Bowls 
shipping and handling on medium, large, and handle bowl cases $25.00
                                                                              shipping and handling on x-large and xx-large $35.00                       

Discounts on larger sets available, including the "Power Series".
We will configure other full chakra sets at discounts as well.  Feel free to contact us about this, as well as with questions regarding the healing nature of these bowls, choices of pitch, relationship to chakras, etc.  For instruction on use of these bowls and other instruments listed, consider attending Zacciah's sound healing trainings, or purchasing some of our books (not all listed below, you may ask.)  Also see our information on sacred sound healing, and other workshop and class listings in our Center of Light healing section.  Sound healers' intensives are being offered this year, as well as classes in essential energies, accessing Earth energies, in outdoor settings.
Ask for our availability in workshops or performance in your area.

View our sacred music offerings.  Also watch for music listings in our Native American flute section.

Scroll down the page to see our crystal bowl CD's and books, and our fine
Tingshaws, Tibetan bowls, temple bells,
and Chinese gongs
Rich sounds for those special places in your home and garden.

Please Note:   Check shipping costs on our How to Order Page. Thank You.

F (heart) bowls are available in 10", 16" and 18" sizes.

Crystal Bowls
Warranty information:
Crystal bowls are fragile.  Though much like a very thick glass bowl, care should be taken in handling and playing them.
Bowls are insured to arrive in new condition.  Once unpacked in good condition, there is no further warranty. 
The crystal bowls have been used by thousands upon thousands of players worldwide for decades.
There are very few problems with the bowls, but they can break by striking too hard, playing too loud, reversing direction while a bowl is being played, playing them too close to each other (more than 12" separation is recommended.)
Common sense and care are highly recommended.  We hope you enjoy your experience with these wonderful sound healing tools.

'Singing' Crystal Bowl Accessories
Compact Disc
    CV-CD- 1 or 2
1)  Crystal Voices--The Harmonic Vibration 
     of Crystal Singing Bowls
2)  Sounds of Light--Crystal Voices
  by Valerie Farnsworth and Deborah Van Dyke


by Deborah Van Dyke
Occasionally a book appears that speaks directly to the Soul, reminding us of knowledge never lost, only forgotten. This outstanding resource on sound healing reveals essential keys the Ancients knew - that sound is a magical instrument of the Soul!
This visually stunning treasure of the Sacred Science of Sound (mantras, chants, singing bowls, Music-of-the-Spheres)  offers the equivalent to a full course in vibrational healing. These are profound tools for awakening the inner hearing of our consciousness and restoring harmony!
"This is the EVERYTHING you EVER wanted to know about sound book" - NAPRA Review



by Deborah Van Dyke
Best of 2001 New Age. This musical companion to the book of the same name is a treasure of ancient chants & mantras, crystal bowls, drum, didgeridoo & nature tones, taking listeners on a luminous journey of spiritual healing. Meditating to this soundtrack, stress melts away, pain diminishes as a shift in consciousness occurs. "Deep spiritual harmony - this beautiful CD is the ultimate meditation experience". (All Music Guide)

The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls
by Renee Brodie

Renee Brodie has written a delightful book exploring the worlds of colour and sound and Spirit. She quotes from an impressive range of other practitioners and researchers. Her unique contribution includes a detailed and practical guide to the nature, availability and use of crystal bowls which are sounded with the aid of a wand caressing their circumference. They come in a range of sizes which can be supplied as a set attuned to the chakras. The book is heartfelt, informative across a range of healing modalities, and particularly well designed.  Book

Additional books and CD's available, including Dr. Gaynor, and Tom Kenyon Products


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  Tuning Forks

Find a Full Selection of Tuning Forks HERE
Beneficial for your practice.

Train with us to learn how to use bowls, tuning forks, drums, many instruments in sound healing practices.

Tibetan  Singing Bowls

Spun bronze, includes wooden beater.
The bowls are made of Panchaloga: literally
translated from Sanskrit as Five Metals.
The metal alloys contain copper, tin, zinc, iron and other metals
We have large sizes available.

4 1/2" Singing Bowl
5" Singing Bowl
5 1/2 " Singing Bowl
6" Singing Bowl
6 1/2" Singing Bowl
7 1/2" Singing Bowl

Singing bowls harmonize the auric field and promote healing on a cellular level.
 No one knows the true origin or history of the singing bowls. Some have suggested
 an extra-terrestrial origin of the secret of combining metals to create the pure harmonic
 overtones of these exquisite instruments, at once breath-taking and breath-giving. 

Though no scientific research is yet available, there are many anecdotal reports of
dis-eases being healed through the use of Tibetan bowls. People report long-held pains
 and congestion vanishing, and, in some cases, tumors have appeared to dissolve
 and pass through the system. Bones are said to knit more quickly, and people with
 back pain in particular seem to benefit. Many people use the bowls and bells
to bring about a state of calmness when receiving medical treatments.

Small Tibetian bowls can be placed and sounded directly on one's chakras and body parts.
Gently and steadily rubbing wooden mallets along the rims of these sacred instruments
produces tones and overtones that harmonize with angelic beings and deity realms.

Bowls can also be used on the body, in patterns around the auric field, on the chakras, or in
 healing spirals. They can be used for shamanic journeying, or simply to transport
 consciousness to another place.


World's Youngest Sound Healer????
Demo of Tibetian bells, Tibetian singing bowls, and Tingshas  (definitely worth the watch)

Tibetan Bowls, tingshas, bells and dorjes.

Authentic antique bowls of many sizes available, at wholesale prices;
also, tingshas, dorje/bell sets, etc.
Bells and dorjes:  small $45., medium $50., large (pictured) $65.

Dorge Bells with Stand
4 Tibetian Bells

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Temple Bells/Bell Bons/Shangs


Contemporary Tibetian monks use this unique and rare flat bell, the SHANG.
  The shang is a powerful spiritual tool for breaking up and removing thought forms that clog a person's auric field and life. The shang, which looks like a hand-sized cymbal,
is always played or placed on an altar with the clapper upright. 

$80/each    $130/Pair

  For instruction on appropriate use of these bells/shangs,
consider attending Zacciah's sound healing trainings.


Chinese Gongs

Meld in the rich sounds of the temples of the Orient with either of these gongs.  For your meditation, music, library, patio or garden.  Prices and availability may vary on gongs.

WCG10  Chao Gong, 10" with Beater $35.00
WCG14  Chao Gong, 13 3/4" with Beater $85.00
WCG18  Chao Gong, 17 3/4" with Beater 
WCG22 Chao Gong, 21 1/2" with Beater $204.00
WCG26  Chao Gong, 25 1/2" with Beater $385.00
Chao Gong,  39" with Beater

        GOST  Rosewood Stands:  37" X 42":    $220, less 15% with gong
                        (holds up to 22" gong)

         GS4F                                   26" X 28":    $120
                         (holds up to 14" gong)




    Gong Hanger Wing
      Rosewood Mobile Gong Hanger. Rope included. GONGS SOLD SEPARATELY.    
           Wing measures 12" x 3/4", can hold gongs up to 12" $18
            Wing measures 16" x 7/8" , can hold gongs up to   16 " $27
             Wing measures 24" x 1", can hold gongs up to 24"

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Burmese Wind Gong

Wind Gong

Current Wind Gong Models Available 10"-47"

Wind gong, 10"
Wind Gong, 12"
Wind gong, 14" 
Wind Gong, 17 3/4"
Wind gong, 21 1/2" 
WDG20 Wind gong, 25 1/2" $328.
WDG20 Wind gong, 39 1/2" $1099.
Special:  $898.
Wind gong, 47"
Special:  $2000


                                                                                                             Bao Gongs
Bao Gong, 13 3/4" with Beater $165.
Bao Gong, 17 3/4" with Beater $330.
WBG22  Bao Gong, 21 1/2" with Beater $439.

Tiger Sounding Gongs

Tiger Sound Gong,  The Hu Yin gong has a descending pitch when struck. In Chinese opera,
 gongs of various sizes are used to coordinate the action as well as the position and personality of each
character as the plot develops. Traditionally made, each gong requires multi-directional lathing and
hand hammering to reach its final form. A product of true craftsmanship each gong has a dynamic
range, projection, and resonance. Includes beater.
12"  $64.
13" $74.
14" $84.

Tibetan Gongs

The Tibetan gong made from bronze.  Suspended by a cord, beater included.
12" $230.
8" $66.

Tibetan Tingshas

Unique, thick hand held cymbals used for clearing, toning,
meditation, invocation, sound healing, musical background.
Traditionally, tingshas are used in Tibetan rituals as punctuation for prayers. The tingshas invite the spirit of the Buddha invoked, and are a sound offering to the deity. Today, many healers also use them for harmonizing the body with the spirit, diagnosing energy blocks, and clearing auric fields and living spaces. The pure sound of the tingshas vibrates with a slight dissonance when passed over a disturbed or disharmonious area of a person's energy field, or when sounded in a living area permeated by distress. Often, additional sounding of the tingshas is all that's needed to clear the imbalance. 

   $32. /set
3" diameter...Plain or raised 8 Precious Symbols or dragons or raised Om Mani mantra
  (not all designs in stock at all times.)
A very special tingsha is available in 24K gold inlaid symbols

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