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Cluster Drums
ET-5005-09 - Remo Cluster Drums, 5 Pc Set, Tropical


Five drums in one. This five-piece Cluster Drum is like having five Tubanos connected into a playable set. The vibrant purples, reds, and greens on the drum shells are the Tropical Leaf design. Each drum has a 5 inch diameter FiberSkyn 3 pre-tuned head. The drums are of varying heights, 12 ", 10", 8", 6", and 4", to provide five differing ...

List Price: $133.00 per EACH

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We carry the full line of Remo Drum products.  Excellent drums of many cultures at excellent prices.
Click here for our complete selection of Remo Drums

Remo Children's Council Drum
21" X 22" -- $224.
7.5" X  22" -- $132

Native American Drums

  Native American Drums!   

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