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Bamboo Saxophones

These bamboo saxophones are unique instruments, originally designed and created by Sunreed Instruments. A traditional saxophone mouthpiece, fused onto a piece of bamboo, gives these instruments an incredibly sax-like sound enjoyed by novice & experienced alike. These instruments are being used by a wide variety of professional musicians, including a Grammy Award winning saxophonist. Yet, if you have never played a saxophone, and always wanted to learn, now is your chance. Not only are these economically priced, you will find them a simpler instrument to learn on. They have one full octave of range, and are fully chromatic (play all sharps and flats). They have an upper range available at an octave and a half. They come complete with new mouthpiece (alto), reed, cap, ligature (holds reed in place), warranty, songbook and instructions.  Because of the physical acoustics of reeded instruments, these instruments play one octave lower than you would expect an instrument of this size to play.  Because they play in the fundamental (lower) range, they will sound lower than their "parent" instrument, which most often play in the upper range.
and Cedar saxophones!!
 Professional  Quality Tuning
Professional  Quality Cedar Sax
$ 80.00
Listen to our Bb soprano
(this is an older, student model recording)
Bb, A, G
$ 80.00


G, $14.00
Listen to our Eb Alto
(this is an older, student model recording)

F, E, Eb, D 
$ 90.00


C, Bb, A 
$ 140.00

available in tenor C only

Traditional sizes for each range are in Bold Italics.
All instruments are well tuned utilizing highest quality quartz tuners.

Professional quality saxophones are individually created instruments, which assure the highest quality pitch and intonation, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the purest professional.  Extra care is placed in every aspect of creating these finest quality instruments, from preparation, to tuning, to bore, to finish.

Sopranino instruments  13-14".  Great for younger kids and smallest hands.
Soprano instruments 15-20".  Excellent for most kids and small hands.  Bb soprano is an excellent overall choice, and traditional soprano size.  Very popular among professionals.
                 Bb and A soprano liveliest tonal quality.
                 G very good all around key.
                 Ask for other key recommendations if unsure.
Alto instruments 20-24".  Deeper, more mellow tone.  Eb is traditional alto size.  Some kids and most adults can play at least some of these sizes.  If unsure, check with us for size to best fit your hand stretch, or for key recommendations.
Tenor instruments   27-36 ".  Few hands are large enough to play these sizes.  Check with us for size.  C melody is a traditional key, Bb is the traditional tenor size.

Ask us which key would be best for your needs.
Fine Cloth bags for best care and protection of your instrument.

CEDAR SAXOPHONES!!                                                                                            Cedar Saxophones

All alto and soprano sizes are now available in cedar.  These fine wooden instruments have excellent intonation, durability, and aesthetic beauty.   

Note:   Traditional sax ranges (soprano, alto, tenor) are a half octave apart, in keys of Bb (soprano), Eb (alto), Bb (tenor), and Eb (baritone), with "melody C" instruments between alto and tenor.  Our keys are accurately marked for the range of the traditional instruments.  We offer additionalkeys within these traditional ranges to best fit your hand stretch and greater musical needs.  Some flutemakers inaccurately label these ranges (soprano, alto, or tenor) as only one note, or key, apart.  These saxes are not "transposed" instruments, but play in the key as marked.  You can play in other keys, as with any open holed wind instrument, by half-holing or cross fingering (complete finger charts provided.)                                                                                                                                                        Cedar Saxophones

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In our continuing tradition of introducing new and unique instruments, Sunreed Instruments is proud to announce the new Baritone bamboo saxophones.  Utilizing longer, wider bore bamboo, and tenor mouthpieces and reeds, these newly created instruments offer the deepest, rich tones manageable in a bamboo sax.  They are currently made in keys of A, G, and F (32-40").  Due to limitations of hand stretch, we are designing these in minor pentatonic (5 hole, 5 note) scales, making them easier to play for more people (These, nonetheless, are large, difficult sizes for many potential players.)  More keys are to be designed in time or by commission, both in larger and smaller sizes (hopefully from an alto D down to a bass D.)  We suggest you check with us for hand stretch before ordering.  {We are also willing to replace the alto mouthpiece on any of the smaller major  scale instruments listed above (soprano, alto, tenor) with a tenor mouthpiece and reed.  This offers a slightly different, richer, tone, but requires new tuning, basically designing a new instrument, and will require an additional $30. fee.  We are currently designing several models of these type of  instruments, and may occasionally have some in stock before listing them on our site.}

Current Models   A, G, F   (32-40") 
Minor Pentatonic scales.

One octave, with upper register at one and a half octave.  All half or semi-tones available as with any pentatonic scale instrument.
Other sizes by commission.
Appearance similar to smaller instruments; simply wider bore, greater length, tenor
mouthpiece, and special fitting.
All hardware, full warranty and complete instructions accompany each instrument.
Fine cloth bags for best care and protection of your instrument.

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