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Transverse Bamboo Flutes
The bamboo flute is one of the oldest and simplest musical instruments in the world. Our bamboo flutes are made with care and quality to fit your most every musical need. 
Most cultures of the world have some type of transverse flute (which simply means a flute blown across, a side-blown flute.) Because bamboo grows in most tropical and temperate climates of the world, many cultures use bamboo flutes as their primary wind instrument.  Their ease and playability make them a natural choice for many looking to enter the musical arena, while their richness of tone and great flexibility make them an excellent selection for the experienced musician as well (see professional quality flutes below.)  These instruments are well-tuned to major keys with a quartz tuner, to A440 standard pitch. They are fully chromatic (play all sharps and flats), with a minimum 1-2 octave range. They have an individually colored burnt-tone, lacquer finish, and come with warranty, instructions, and songbook.  Flutebags are available for the best care and preservation of your instruments.

Transverse Bamboo Flutes
(see grade descriptions below.)

Approx. Length
Price Intermediate
$ 30.00
Available in Maple $45.00
$60.00 when available
$ 35.00
By Special Order

Young children should begin with soprano flutes.
(6-8 is an average starting age, D or C the best starting flute under 10.
May wish to consider extra instructions below.)
Younger children can begin on our penny whistles, or soprano Native American flutes.
Most adults can play up to an F or E instrument.
Alto flutes require larger hand stretch, best for experienced players, or those with large hand or stretch. 
Feel free to ask us for guidance.

See Specialty flutebags here.

Differences in Grades of Flutes
While most beginning students will be perfectly content with our student model flutes, experienced musicians and practicing professionals will want to consider our intermediate quality and professional quality instruments. 
PROFESSIONAL: Our professional quality flutes are our highest quality instruments, and are made individually from beginning to end.   Extra care is placed in every aspect of creating these finest quality instruments, from preparation, to tuning, to sanded and oiled bore, and finish. 
Our refined techniques used in making these instruments guarantee a full two-three octave range of true pitch and pure tone, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the purest professional, whether for personal use, concert performance, or recording.  We are currently creating professional quality flutes in sizes soprano Bb to alto G.
INTERMEDIATE: Intermediate quality flutes are close to professional quality, but will have some discrepancy in pitch, usually one or two notes in the upper range.  Most experienced players will be able to use techniques such as bending to make these perfectly playable flutes.  Occasionally one or two notes in upper range may be unreachable.

Student model flutes are excellent beginner instruments.  However, they will have inconsistencies in true pitch, usually in the upper range.  They will have at least one full octave well pitched for the student ear, often more.  They may not have a full two octaves available, yet these notes are usually not available to the beginner student until graduating in technique.


If you are unable to decide which instrument best fits your needs, please consult us.  We are happy to help, to clarify your choices, and have helped numerous individuals find the flutes that best suit their needs.

Other sizes and scales considered on request.
Special Order Flutes are by commission only.

Simple step by step instruction booklet for flute or whistle.  Very good for beginning player of major scale flutes and whistles we offer.  30 pages of step by step instruction and simple songs: play by the numbers method of introduction.  Two pages designed to teach music in key of D, but otherwise all instructions good generically for all major scale instruments.
Out of print book, simple copies for your convenience.

See More Books below on making and playing flutes

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Other/Special Flutes

Martial Arts/Staff Flutes  *  Cedar Transverse Flutes  *  Quality Hardwood Flutes

Hardwood Flutes:  Irish, Baroque, Renaissance,
Keyed and non-keyed Flutes, Fifes, Piccolos, Penny Whistles


We offer Sweetheart Flutes, highest quality traditional hardwood flutes, in Irish, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, $195 and up.  Follow this link, or ask us for further information on these fine flutes (including fifes and wooden Irish, or, Penny whistles,) created by this elder professional of the business, who is committed to quality, excellence, and tradition.

Those interested in quality wooden flutes may also want to consider our traditional cedar Native American flutes, built by an excellent craftsman skilled in the arts of these unique, mystical instruments, very easy to play, and rich in a sweet tone all their own.

Native American flutes

Cedar, Oak, or Ash Flutes

Sunreed is offering transverse flutes and shakuhachi from aromatic western cedar.  These high quality instruments will be difficult to find anywhere else.  Oak or ash available at times.  Ask for more detail if interested.

Transverse cedar flutes available in keys of
      C or D major, pro quality:  $210.00
       Intermediate quality (when available):  $115.00

Shakuhachi available in
       C or D minor pentatonic
                (standard shakuhachi tuning):    $210.00
                                         or C or D major:    $270.00
D is standard size for shakuhachi.  All prices Concert quality.
D is standard size for shakuhachi.

See flutebags in main price list above for cloth cases to best protect your instruments.

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bamboo staff fluteMartial Arts/Staff Flutes

Occasionally Sunreed offers or creates unique bamboo instruments, which are not in any standard size or mode, for sale.  For instance, numerous martial arts instructors and students frequently request 4'-6' staff / flutes used in specific martial techniques in their field of studies.  Some use these as walking staffs.  (The flute is a normal size flute built within the body, or, at one end of the staff (usual).  The flutes are not guaranteed if used in contact arts, and cannot be guaranteed to withstand even walking, but frequently last long if rubber furniture tips are applied to the end used on ground surface. (I have one I made 30 years ago, still working.)

Standard staff flutes are 4' to 5', in the key of D, but can be made to any size, and in any key (photo, 4' D flute, offset holes.)  Quality of each flute usually varies between intermediate and pro quality already, but to guarantee pro quality tuning, must ask for that at time of order.  Sizes may vary up to several inches more or less than listed. 
6' flutes are currently difficult to provide due to bamboo supply issues.

 up to, 4' staff flutes in the key of D are $120. Standard quality,  $225 Professional Quality  S/H $18.00
up to, 5' staff flutes in the key of D are $145 Standard Quality, $270 Professional Qulity.  S/H $22.00
up to, 6' staff flutes in the key of D are $170. Standard Quality, $350 Professional Quality  S/H  $35.00 (Oversize shipping fee.)

We have also created several unique Arabic scales to order.  We are happy to consult with you on the types and costs of instruments we might be able to produce for you to your specifications.

Additional Books

Excellent guides to caring for, playing, and making flutes, from Mark Shepard.

How To Love Your Flute    97 pgs, an excellent resource on basics of playing and caring for flutes, from modern concert flutes to shakuhachi and simple folk flutes (includes bamboo.)
8 1/2 x 11  $22.

Simple Flutes:  Play Them, Make Them    32 pages, simple instructions on making and playing simple flutes such as bamboo and plastic.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2,   $13.

Flutecraft:  An Artisan's Guide to Bamboo Flutemaking    50 pages, more in depth instruction on making of simple flutes.    5 1/2 x 8 1/2,   $14.

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