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Bamboo Clarinets
Bass Bamboo Clarinet, sanded finish.

Sunreed Instruments' bamboo clarinets and wooden clarinets are yet more instruments unique to our shop, similar to our bamboo saxophones.  These clarinets are bamboo or wooden bodies afixed to a traditional modern clarinet mouthpiece, which gives each instrument a unique voice, though more the tonal quality of a traditional clarinet. These are simple instruments with excellent tone and range.  They have ten finger holes devised in major scale increments, which makes them more difficult to handle than the saxophone, but gives them a far greater range. It is capable of 2 - 3 octaves, fully chromatic.  Adept players may distinguish even greater range. They come complete with new mouthpiece, reed, cap, ligature, warranty, songbook and instructions.  You can check our cloth cases for protection of your instruments.
 Student   Quality
 Professional  Quality



Cloth Bags
For care and protection
C, Bb, A
$90.00 $145.00
G, F, E, Eb, D
$105.00 $165.00
$200.00 $320.00


Soprano instruments 14-17".  Best for kids and small hands.  Bb soprano is an excellent overall choice, a traditional key, very popular among traditional clarinet players. cedar clarinet
Alto instruments 18-24".  Check with us for size to best fit your hand stretch.  (The
        ten hole configuration of these instruments makes for a more difficult stretch
        than many other open holed wind instruments.*)
Bass instruments   30 ".  Very few can play this size*.  By commission only.**
Ask us which key would be best for your needs.
Guaranteed Professional quality tuning:  see note below.
Bags to protect your instrument.

                                                                                                                                                                       Soprano Cedar Clarinet


Professional quality clarinets are individually created instruments, which assure the highest quality pitch and intonation, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the purest professional.  Extra care is placed in every aspect of creating these finest quality instruments, from preparation, to tuning, to bore, to finish.  Cedar and Walnut instruments are each pro quality.

Adler Chalumeau, pocket clarinetThe Adler Chalumeau, a German made wooden clarinet.
Pictured, the pocket Chalumeau, $185.
Each listed comes with padded bag, mouthpiece, cap, reed, ligature and simple instructions.  Hard cases available.
Excellent for travelling musicians, students wanting to learn on an inexpensive instrument, or those looking for a unique experience/sound with the clarinet.
Tuned diatonically, with 8 holes, range from c'-d".  Fingered much like a recorder, can be played chromatically. 


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