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About Us

Sunreed Instruments

Zacciah Blackburn
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Adult Education Programs in
Sound Therapy, Wellness,
Meditation & Esoteric Trainings.

Our collaborative Site:
The Center of Light
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

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About Our Instruments
About Our Instruments


Dulcimer,  Didg Box, Tibetan Horns, Flutes)

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Native American Style Flutes; Cedar, hardwood & bamboo

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World Instruments

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How To Order


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Sunreed Instruments offers a wide variety of quality hand made bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, bamboo saxophones and clarinets, Native American flutes and drums, Australian didgeridoos, drums of the world, and musical  instruments of the world.  We are specialist of instruments used in the field of Sound Healing, such as Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Native American flute and drum, didgeridoo, Tibetan singing Bowls and Bells, Shangs, Tingshas, gongs, harps, and much more.  We welcome you to browse our pages of unique world instruments.  Enjoy the fine workmanship created with years of experience.  Sunreed Instruments is a small Vermont  fine craft studio,where we have made bamboo wind instruments since 1977, created the bamboo saxophone in 1983, and have sold world musical & sound healing instruments since 1985.  We are happy to help you today find the instrument to best fit your music needs!

We are one of the oldest companies, on or off line, selling our own hand made bamboo flutes & saxophones (which we invented,) shakuhachi, Native American style flutes, and assorted wind instruments, as well as a fine collection of world & sound healing instruments. 
We are a small, service oriented company.  Your call or e-mail will be answered live or promptly by our staff.
Take advantage of our expertise and personal, caring service. 
Shop in confidence with our secure on line ordering, or e-mail, call or fax us.
If there is any thing we can do to help in making your selections, please ask. 

Music is a delightful gift that does not fade, but grows, with time.  The power and resonances, the inner dynamics of working with music, creativity, and sound, assist in uplifting one's world view, one's perception of self, one's joy for the world, whether child or adult.

Let us know how we may assist!
                                             Zacciah Blackburn
                                             Owner, and craftsman

The Center of Light in Vermont, our associated site for the study of ancient mysteries through sound healing.

Images and their descriptions are linked to complete information on that topic.  Click on any image or subject line for more information.  E-mail, or call us, if you have any questions.  Though we hope to have future sound files on line, you may call us to demonstrate many of these instruments over the phone.


We thank you So Much for making Sunreed Instruments such a continued successful on-line experience!  We will continue to strive to meet your musical needs with the greatest satisfaction in simple, rich instruments of so many traditions, and seek to continue to improve our site for your on line enjoyment!!  We welcome your suggestions.

Check out our feedback, or leave yours....

In our continuing effort to provide you with, quality, reliable service, and to insure your satisfaction with our services, we have registered with the merchant quality control services of and, directories of monitored, reliable, safe e-merchant/shopping sites.  On our feedback and order pages, you will find a link to the Public Eye rating system.  You can view ratings, or leave your own feedback there, about your experiences with Sunreed Instruments.  Those who place orders with Sunreed will be given the opportunity to place feedback with the BizRate system in the near future.  Those ratings will be viewable at a later date.

We Accept:          debit or credit cards, for all purchases and programs.

Center of Light The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

Our associated site on sound healing:  A holistic center for the study of meditation and the healing arts:
metaphysical studies, the nature of sound in healing, essential energy classes, and sacred journeys. 
Our most up to date listings are at our new site:
                                                                                    SpiritWalk - Monument Valley
View our upcoming Classes and weekend workshops on ancient mysteries, sound healing, Andean mysticism, and more.

Special Events: 
Sound Healers Training, Extended Course
Zacciah has created a broad range of trainings in sound healing practice, which couples his deep cognitive and intuitive understanding of sound in therapeutic application.   These programs are an in depth study of the nature of sound and its healing effect on the human system, with cognitive and experiential training designed to better our understanding of, and therapeutic application in, the use of sound.  These trainings begin in January, with a full series of eight weekends. . Zacciah teaches his programs nationally and internationally.
This summers' sound healing training in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria:
Europe:  Sound Healers Intensive
<Programs in Sound Healing, Shamanic training, SHN sound healing conference, and Peruvian mysticism in Europe and Peru. 
Ask us to place you on our newsletter list.>

Programs are listed
Join us in the United Kingdom, coursing along the Michael and Mary ley lines,
through ancient mystery sites of Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and Avebury, ending in
the stone circles in Avebury, in special ceremonies honoring the union of male and female within.

 Return To Beauty:   Shamanic trainings, Incan initiations:   The path to our deeper well being
Touching our authentic self, through earth ritual and journeys in Sacred Sites,
in Vermont, Austria, and Peru
In Vermont, August, 2010 or the

The Science and Spirit of Sound:
The Fifth Annual Conference of
the International Sound Healing Network (
SHN - formerly: New England Sound Healing Research Institute - NESHRI),
       will be held May 1-3, 2009
      at the Omega Institute
Top Specialists in the Field, a world healing music concert.

an Expedition into the ancient mysticism of Peru.
An Initiation in the Art of Personal Power :   Working with the Sacred Landscape of the Incas, in Peru,
in the traditions of the Q'ero Indians, the 'wisdom keepers' of the Incas.

Programs are also offered in Vermont, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other locations.

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